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Criteria for a Client State

Historically, in order for any country to be a stable US client state, it does not only have to remain obedient, it must also remain weak. 21 more words


Jack Conrad's Anti-Communist Witchhunt over Gaza

Some of the arguments used to justify the recent witchhunt in the Communist Platform of Left Unity by the Provisional Central Committee of the Communist Party of Great Britain/Weekly Worker are a dead give-away about the anti-communist nature of the purge. 3,497 more words


Dissolving the state is not the same as independence

I would really like to know what is the strategic logic of this? Is it supposed to inspire others to “rise up” against the regime with homemade bombs? 187 more words


Erythraean Sea

Late September, 187-

My heart, my Josephine

Just as I’d prayed, we were able to find passage from Suez, one of the last dhows of the season, recently arrived from Aqaba, and only in port for that tide! 855 more words

Mauve Prose

The Tower Of Babel Comes To Paris: The Folly Of Obama's "War" On ISIS

Source: Contra Corner blog, by David Stockman

US imperialism was once a fearsome force – mainly for ill. Under the latter heading, Washington’s savage destruction of Vietnam four decades ago comes readily to mind.  761 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies

Map of Greece

I have a map of Greece from 1999 from a National Geographic magazine. Next to the Island of Lesbos it says, “Provoked by Athens’s blatant imperialism, cities on the island of Lesbos revolted against the Delian League in 428 B.C. 36 more words