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If you open the window of torture, even just a crack, the cold air of the Dark Ages will fill the whole room by William Blum

by William Blum
Writer, Dandelion Salad
December 20, 2014

American Exceptionalism and American Torture

In 1964, the Brazilian military, in a US-designed coup, overthrew a liberal (not more to the left than that) government and proceeded to rule with an iron fist for the next 21 years. 2,409 more words


Crouching sanctions, hidden revenues -- Lev Igorevich | The Vineyard of the Saker

Crouching sanctions, hidden revenues

by Lev Igorevich



Dollars for borsch

There is a lot of speculation about the economic health of Russia in the light of tougher sanctions, falling oil prices and tumbling ruble. 1,109 more words

Current Affairs

Korea and the world

Is the new Korea globalized? If so, in which sense –what is globalization? how many types of globalization are out there?– and from when? Let me specify that I am going to talk, mostly, about cultural globalization here. 1,646 more words


The Cuban anti terrorist heroes free now from US gaols

by Nick Wright

With the exchange of a US spy for the remaining three Cuban anti terrorist agents held in US gaols – coupled with the restoration of diplomatic relations – President Obama has gone some way to diminish his country’s pariah status. 316 more words


CIA = Murder Inc.

December 18, 2014 | By James Hall

“Let’s remember, the CIA’s job is to go out and create wars.” – Jesse Ventura

The motives behind the expose report on CIA practices of torture misses the critical issue surrounding the “Agency”. 1,756 more words


24 and Zero Dark Thirty helped sell Americans on torture

A new Pew poll says Americans approve of CIA torture by 51%-29%, so bringing this out again:

Not just politicians, but also the media are responsible for selling Americans on torture. 306 more words

The Fifth Column in Russia

A coup d´état under the guise of an ‘Orange Revolution’ is being prepared in Russia. The big picture and the details are given by Evgeny Fedorov, a deputy in the Russian parliament, and coordinator of the People’s Liberation Movement. 208 more words

War & Terror

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