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Unite, Britain's Biggest Trade Union, Backs the Struggle of Kobane.

The biggest trade union in Britain, UNITE, has issued a statement of support for the Kobane resistance.

The statement came after representatives from Centre for Kurdish Progress met with UNITE officials and briefed them on the developments in the town of Kobane, where Kurdish fighters have been holding off an ISIS onslaught for the past 48 days. 105 more words

European Left

The struggle of Venezuelan communists against opportunism

from the Communist Party of Venezuela

July 16, 2014

 In its 80 years of existence, the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV), like many other communist and workers’ parties of the world has faced in more than one occasion both right opportunism and left opportunism. 6,085 more words


Royal Riddy: Marines Given "Freedom of Glasgow"

A sinister seasonal mash-up will hit Glasgow tomorrow as Halloween horror combines with posturing Poppymania. In a very literal sense, our streets are set to be given over to one of the four component parts of the British Armed Forces, with a ceremony seeing the Royal Marines granted the city’s highest honour, the “freedom of Glasgow”. 862 more words

Seumas Milne and the 'Multipolar World': Clutching at Straws.

Seumas Milne‘s Multipolar World. 

On parts of the left a theory has gradually developed that an emerging “multi-polar world” is the best defence against American-led imperialism. 1,948 more words

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Columbus and the Indigenous Peoples

The fair city of Seattle recently abolished Columbus Day and replaced it with Indigenous Peoples’ Day. It is tempting, then to embark on an impassioned polemic about how Columbus was either a monster to be reviled or bemoan the continual attacks on our traditions from those ornery and persistently unassimilated minorities. 966 more words


The Rich, the Poor and the Role of Religion

Like so many others, I, too, was deeply touched and saddened to see this picture, showing this little boy working. As I read through many of the comments on Facebook – there were about 2,400 of them – I was touched once again; this time, by the overwhelming sympathy for the child and outrage at the kind of world we’ve allowed to be built around us and at the magnitude of the injustices and cruelty that’s going on in our world. 520 more words

Concept of an Empire - Part 1

It’s an interesting concept, one that is too great to be summarised in one article and by one person. By definition an empire  is a multi-ethnic or multinational state with political and/or military dominion of populations who are culturally and ethnically distinct from the imperial (ruling) ethnic group and its culture. 924 more words