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NATO no!

by Robert Griffiths

The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) was formed in 1949 on the basis of a pack of lies.

The people of Britain were told at the time that this military alliance was simply a mutual self-defence pact. 700 more words


The Historically Challenged Paul Craig Roberts

“Nothing comparable has ever been witnessed in history”

Washington Chokes Truth With Lies

Paul Craig Roberts

The fraud perpetuated on the world by the United States in the 21st century is extraordinary. 

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No To Nato: joining the dots between Palestine and Western imperialism

The Nato summit due to take place in Newport and Cardiff will be met by a week of demonstrations. rs21 spoke to Adam Johannes, secretary of Cardiff Stop the War Coalition, about the protests. 943 more words


ISIS, Iraq and Syria: Peering into the faultlines

Sam Charles Hamad has written a detailed response on the IS Network site to Andy Cunningham’s article earlier this month on ISIS, Iraq and imperialism. Sam stresses the role played by Iraq’s outgoing prime minister Nouri al-Maliki in carving out Iraq’s Sunnis from the government, alienating the former Sahwat militias and thereby creating conditions for the rise of ISIS (or Daesh, as he calls them, using their derogatory Arab initials): 561 more words


As UN denounces War Crimes by Islamists Socialist Worker Refuses to Bow to this Frenzy.

Just like those defending Spanish Democracy says article in Socialist Worker.

The UN has just made this announcement,

The Syrian government and Islamic State insurgents are both committing war crimes and crimes against humanity in their war against each other, U.N.

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European Left

Why did the British leave India?

Five main reasons to why the British left India -

  1. During World War II, the economies of Britain and France were destroyed to such an extent that they were no longer able to financially maintain their military forces, and were hence incapable of containing the burgeoning freedom movements in their colonies.
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