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The World We See

As our journey through A Course in Miracles progresses, the lessons have not only become longer, but more expansive and in depth. Themes and concepts repeat… 757 more words

A Course In Miracles

The Four Reminders that Turn our Minds Toward Sanity & Cheerfulness

Note: This piece first appeared on elephant journal, here.

Find the place inside where the awareness waits to be discovered.

It is there, always, underneath the sediment floating in the pond of our minds. 420 more words


The Kindergarten Metaphor

I sent my baby boy off to kindergarten today. Never before had I truly understood the significance of this day for parents. The tears I shed today are about far more than the fact that I will no longer have him home with me during the day; rather it marks the first in many moments when I will stand as a loving and proud bystander on the sidelines of his life. 279 more words


Timeless Harmony

A high degree of culture and insight

are required to experience

the eternal in transient forms,

to see the timeless harmony

in the momentariness of phenomena, 24 more words