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Week 4 - Implications for Organisations Adopting an ERP

Implications for Organisations Adopting an ERP

ERPs usually require frequent application of vendor software patches in order to address minor security/functionality issues and bugs. Not applying these patches can result in the vendor withdrawing support for the ERP. 890 more words

The Effects of War and Sanctions on the Russian Economy


This week I have decided to change things up a bit and discuss broadly the effect of recent events on the Russian economy. As anyone who has not been in a cave for the past few months knows, Russia is at a tumultuous time in its history. 646 more words


The Moral Hazards and Legal Conundrums of Our Robot-Filled Future | Science | WIRED

The robots are coming, and they’re getting smarter. They’re evolving from single-task devices like Roomba and its floor-mopping, pool-cleaning cousins into machines that can make their own decisions and autonomously navigate public spaces. 194 more words


Worth Watching: Climate Change - Years of Living Dangerously

Because it “happens” on a global scale, both in terms of causes and implications, climate change is no easy story to tell. It is, however, perhaps the most important story that needs to be told for current and future generations to grasp the extent of the challenge they – we – will be facing. 98 more words

Climate Change

The Implications for Journalism and Media Sites in the Post-Industrial Age (cont)

The Post-Industrial:

The term post-industrial describes the “information society” that has arisen in the modern era (Bell). Its resulting “web of consciousness” (sense of awareness) enabled virtual realities which are transferring rapidly into workplaces (Bell). 350 more words

Digital Media

Last update before I return to Poetry

It is interesting to note that spin meisters like forms magazine the Guardian and others didn’t about face in the last 24 hours after learning that the UK and many American legal entities were pursuing an investigation of potential charges for what they termed an outrageous abuse of Internet participant’s data and communication. 53 more words


Implications of Google Study on Used EMC CLARiiON Hard Drive Industry

“The study was also able to find meaningful correlation between four SMART signals—all of which were indicative of bad sectors—and increased chance of failure over the study period. 152 more words