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Are Your Old Cars Being Used for Terrorism Related Purposes?

Looks like the owner of Mark-1 Plumbing is getting a new experience of the implications of globalization.

After Mark-1’s Jeff Oberholtzer traded in his truck, it was later traded again in an auction. 70 more words


Implications of top 10 skills

Implications of top 10 skills for the future work place for individuals, for Education for Business and for Government.

  • Sense-making
  • Social-intelligence
  • Novel and adaptive thinking…
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Where is Technology taking us?

Its almost impossible to keep track of the advances in technology these day. Constant evolution and developments seem take place by the minute. With all of these improvements where it taking us? 274 more words

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I’m reading the key passage for tomorrow’s message again this morning and noticed something very interesting.  Luke 1:13 NLT:  But the angel said, “Don’t be afraid, Zechariah! 272 more words

The implications to the ecosystem of declining reef fish populations

With my past blogs discussing the type of behavioural impairment that occurs in damselfish and clownfish larvae species and how these impairments would increase mortality rates. 78 more words

Who's an "Indian"?: classification and implications

(by Eileen Dombrowski, from OSC TOK blog) Who’s indigenous? And does it matter? These are significant questions, with significant answers. They are relevant to TOK both through the new area of knowledge,  844 more words

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McKinsey: Technology's Acceleration & Its Implications

Reposted from the McKinsey Quarterly:

When McKinsey began publishing the Quarterly, in 1964, a new management environment was just beginning to take shape. On April 7 of that year, IBM announced the System/360 mainframe, a product with breakthrough flexibility and capability. 403 more words