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Tech in the classroom: one teacher who just can't let go of the old...

This week I set a literacy research task for students around space. The work I had set the students was only completed to an acceptable standard by about a sixth of the class. 684 more words

FC Dallas Beats LA Galaxy 2-1

The win against LA Galaxy had some implications to FC Dallas. They are now in the playoffs which they totally deserved since the last one in 2011.

Why you should take care of your skin

As you can clearly see, the skin is covered around your body and if the skin isn’t taken good care of, there may be implications. The most common implication is asthma as the skin tissues on the airway is exactly the same as the one on your skin. 55 more words


Implications of DRM in Video Games for the End User


In ye good olde days, you payed money (or traded, but that is way too far back) and received a good in return. The good would be used up and we would have to go and buy another one to replace it. 2,377 more words


Education for Refugees in 2063.

Hello my fellow bloggers!!

In my course this week, I was required to look at two scenarios of future learning environments and post my ideas on how the learning space in question may look as well as consider any implications and/or challenges it may face. 498 more words

The Learning Space. Discussion.

5 crazy ways social media is changing your brain right now

Social media is a global phenomenon, and it undeniably has major impact on societies. Yet, sites like Facebook and Instagram are actually not only capable of influencing the social aspects of human lives.   25 more words

Social Media

Indigenous Knowledge: definition, implications, and controversy

(by Eileen Dombrowski, from OSC blog Sept 13, 2014) About all areas of knowledge, we ask questions that take us straight to methodology and social context. 1,283 more words

IB Theory Of Knowledge