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McKinsey: Technology's Acceleration & Its Implications

Reposted from the McKinsey Quarterly:

When McKinsey began publishing the Quarterly, in 1964, a new management environment was just beginning to take shape. On April 7 of that year, IBM announced the System/360 mainframe, a product with breakthrough flexibility and capability. 403 more words

Three corners of a triangle

A triangle
starts at a point
goes toward
two other points.
But who’s to say
it doesn’t begin
at two points
which meet
at one point?



implications, equivalence, disjunction

I might not be very clear with this but i hope someone gets it

Prove that $f : X→Y$ is surjective then and only then when $g_1, g_2$ which $Y → Z$ we have $g_1 \circ f= g_2 \circ f \Rightarrow g_1 = g_2$ 33 more words

Election Implications for Education

Reposted from U.S. News & World Report:

This was not an election about education. But it should be no surprise that the nation’s schools and colleges, which together constitute the largest piece of state spending, will be front and center when determining what the results mean for the nation’s families. 225 more words

Football death lawsuit could have big implications

The lawsuit makes several claims of negligence against Westfield and Brocton High Schools, which consolidated their football programs. And several of those claims revolve around how countless small-town high school football teams operate.

News and Nightmares

I’m one of those people who has at least one dream every night. Usually I average two or three, and I typically remember most details from them. 783 more words

Emergency Electrical Services

At J & P we understand the implications of an electrical system failure faced by a family and our highly trained and experienced electricians are on call 24/7 with full access to the very latest testing equipment to ensure that we can quickly and efficiently combat any power outage. 6 more words