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Not as boring as I thought...

I love Ottawa.  I love living in Ottawa.  It’s a great place but I hesitate to call it a city.  The word ‘city’ brings to mind places like New York, London, and Tokyo.   284 more words

Letter: Let's maintain current infrastructure

Re: Sir John Carling building destroyed early Sunday, July 14.

There has been much talk recently about the demolition of the Sir John Carling Building, built around 1967. 176 more words


I'm Only One

“I’m a lonely child…”, I’d reply to people when they asked me if I had any brothers or sisters. For years nobody corrected me, “Why yes, you certainly are a lonely child indeed *head nodding/secretly sniggering to oneself*…” Right, I’ll correct myself then. 886 more words

Demolition - Sir John Carling Building, Ottawa ON

It was an exciting Sunday morning in Ottawa today with the demolition of the Sir John Carling Building at the Experimental Farm. Streets were closed off for 300 m in either direction for the 7 am implosion and I was determined to get a nice shot of the action.  178 more words


Imploding By The Numbers


Number of kilograms of dynamite to be used to implode the Sir John Carling Building


Number of separate charges


Amount, in square metres, of floor space… 47 more words

Local News

Rough Draft: "The Great Collapse" (Partial)

The Great Collapse

The collapse of the U.S.A. was the swiftest in human history and the biggest since the Roman Empire. After a bloody civil war between conservative and liberal idealists over long standing issues such as abortion, gay marriage and health care coupled with massive economic woes, the U.S. 346 more words

Self Publishing Implosion

Today the RWNZ writer’s on the North Shore met up for a writer’s lunch. Which was an eye opener for me because I always love finding out about other people and their writing processes, but now I am beginning to realise that I might have to adjust my goals and dreams. 231 more words