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The Old-Timers vs. The Know-It-Alls

I am approaching 23 years of age and only being involved in the import community for nine years (more like four when I subtract the years spent in college and removed from the car scene), I am receptive of the idea that I do not know an ounce of what my peers and the elder car guys have learned. 563 more words

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Can You Lose That Spark?

Throughout my early car guy years as a high school know-it-all, I lived and breathed everything automotive. Although my car of choice back then was a beat-down Honda Civic (automatic 1.6L, non-VTEC, SOHC, other technical car dribble, which all basically meant my baby was the rolling definition of “slow”), I still beamed with pride whenever I was walking up to it, driving it, or talking about it.  550 more words

Tran's Thoughts