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Thickly Tat'd Wears The "Pink Ribbon"

Thickly Tat’d wants to express our love and respect for those that are battling or have battled breast cancer. It is very important that we keep fighting and searching. 27 more words


if you didn’t know, I really enjoy musical theatre, this means I have to deal with rejection a lot. in this industry it is really important that you try not to let things bother you, like when someone dislikes your voice or something about you or even just decides you aren’t right for a role. 338 more words


Love Means No Matter What.

Don’t believe them when they say,

“No one will ever love you until you love yourself”

It’s bullshit.

I haven’t always loved myself,

But that has never once stopped the people in my life… 222 more words

10 Important Queries To Ask When You Really Feel Stuck

Do you really feel stuck, frustrated or like issues are not moving forward the way you want them to? You happen to be not alone make peace with the reality that what you’;re trying to accomplish may well take longer than usual. 19 more words

Women Ideas

Important Stock Restriction language for Professionally incorporated accountancy firms | Accountancy bylaws | 5079 Accountancy Act

Below is language every accountant who is professionally incorporating should consider adding to their Bylaws. Drason Law Firm helps clients incorporate and draft bylaws. With Professional Corporations, there are considerations that need attention in order to be compliant with the Licensing Board.Notwithstanding any provisions in the bylaws to the contrary, the following restrictions shall apply to the ownership of shares of the corporation. 6 more words

The Time You Have (Video)

 Well, why are we here? To amass fame and fortune? To make music and babies? To be the richest man or woman in the graveyard for, as we are jokingly told, ‘He who dies with the most toys wins?’ 162 more words


The Importance of having a Reference

Jobs today can be very hard to find. You can’t land one unless you have the experience and educational knowledge to back you up or that you can be introduced by a friend who has been working at the company for quite some time. 219 more words