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Sudden Realisations on a Tuesday

I feel like I start every blog post with an apology for not writing more. Woops!

However, in the last few days, I’ve come to a rather important conclusion about my blog: none of what I blog about is terribly interesting. 515 more words

The Continuing Albert Pujols Problem

Despite the many attempts by the front office of the Chicago Cubs to neglect the fortunes of the team at the Major League level and the fans that support that team, our own Chicago Cubs are improbably in the playoff race; just 11 1/2 games and seven teams behind the Milwaukee Brewers for the all-important second wild card. 361 more words


Perubahan Deadline Kegiatan Acara Trilogy of Coin 2014

10 September 2014 pengumpulan KTI
11 September 2014 Pengumuman Lolos Seleksi

11-12 September 2014 Pembayaran yang lolos seleksi
untuk jadwal KEGIATAN TOC TETAP SAMA 18-20 SEPTEMBER 2014… 35 more words


Finnegans Wake audiobook

That’s right. Such a thing exists, and therefore the world just might not be the hellish intellectual desert were we all starting to think it was.   42 more words


Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

How important are reviews? This is a debate that is raging throughout our industry and also our world.   The reality is that we cannot escape the need to have positive reviews written about us.   148 more words

Weekend Recap - What We've Learned; Soler Makes Too Many Out

It was a weekend of baseball; some good, some bad, but it was a weekend of baseball; for the Cubs, who played both the Cardinals (from St. 499 more words

Jorge Soler

UNknowing (not knowing)

We will tell you, that the UNknowing is important also.
When you have it “figured out” in your mind – where you’re going, how you’re going to get there – ah, that limits you. 110 more words