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Age is just a number!

Do you ever question where your life is going? Or where it has been? Do you remember as a child thinking your twenties was old and having planned for a marriage by the age of 22 or children by 27? 626 more words


Is It Time to Send Travis Wood to Iowa?

I know, this late in the season, some kind of drastic roster move might seem inconsiderate, or inconsistent, or unnecessary, or even trivial; the season is just about over, with the Cubs mired in the cellar of the National League’s central division, but with fans staying away by the thousands (my own estimate from my all-purpose beacon atop the Left Field bleachers in Wrigley Field’s own Left Field was that there were roughly 43,000 empty seats on this Monday night to welcome the National League’s central division leaders), it’s an idea whose time has come: 550 more words


Happy for a good reason

Today nothing happened. I went to work and I came back home. There is nothing much to say about today.

I woke up, dug in the garden, and went to work. 126 more words


WHY get the vaccine?

Natural Disasters can contribute to the transmission of some disease, especially since water supplies and sewage systems may be disrupted; sanitation and hygiene may be compromised by population displacement and overcrowding; and normal public health services may be interrupted. 176 more words


B vitamins: explore the world of B 7

Biotin (vitamin H) is a water soluble vitamin that contributes to the formation of fatty acids, facilitates the metabolism of amino acids and carbohydrates, it’s useful for a smooth functioning of the bone marrow and for healthy skin and hair. 122 more words



I want to talk about love today.

Love to me is my grandfather. On his death bed, in his final moments on this earth, he gathered all his children and told them that whenever they go anywhere, anywhere fun, they were to invite me. 20 more words