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Flossing the Right Way is More Important as Flossing Regularly

When you go to Canyon Gate Dental for your regular check-up, you can always expect to have the flossing conversation with your hygienist and dentist.  We aren’t trying to bother you or shame you into adopting a new habit, butRead More

AWARENESS: Sweatshop - Deadly Fashion

So here’s the viral video that’s been making the rounds on online news outlets and social media, on fashion blogs in particular. Lately Norwegian newspaper has come up with the only reality show that makes even the tiniest bit of sense, as it is educational rather than mind-numbing like Keeping up with the Kardashians for example. 485 more words


We find ways to overcome obstacles, including fear of the unknown, providing we want something bad enough.


Care Bear attacks girls tea party

Alicia Richards tea party ended with violence Saturday when a Care Bear viciously mauled her and her mother while the two were sitting in her bedroom. 294 more words


Important Facts About Coupons

No shopper in his or her right mind would say no to the prospect of saving money when shopping. But in today’s extremely commercialized world, how exactly can this be done? 19 more words

"The much talked-about green man" in London, UK

London, UK, images, much talked-about, mentioned often, importance, impressed on children in particular, frequently ignored by adults, time, relevance, safety 8 more words