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Support services for international students

Are you a new student? Are you not familiar with University acronyms (e.g. LMS) or processes? Do you need help to understand the timing of assessment tasks, what is expected of you and where you can go for assistance? 83 more words

Current Students

Community Bank initiative

La Trobe University is working with Bendigo Bank, to ascertain the feasibility of establishing a La Trobe Community Bank – based on Bendigo Bank’s unique Community Bank model. 186 more words

Current Students

And That's What It's All About

First Things First – What is this blog about?

“Anything that suits me,” would seem to be the logical answer, right?  Half true.  I intend to write about things that will strike up a conversation whether it be in agreement or opposition. 310 more words


10 amazing healing plants


Dandelions — yes, the hated weeds — can be a diuretic. They also contain potassium, which experts say is lost through excessive urination. Some apply it topically to treat… 576 more words


Whuddup Wednesday?!

Hi guys! I am working on my “Haters Gonna” Part 2 post, but it won’t be ready until later cause I got work and church and dog-bathing this afternoon. 746 more words


The Importance of Research

As a writer, I think that research is immensely important.

You need to know the world you are writing about, otherwise you will run the risk of inaccuracies and flaws, which may annoy your readers. 317 more words