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Chile Trade Surplus reaches US$ 5,888 Million in January-August

Chile’s trade balance accumulated a surplus of US$5.888 Millions during January and August this year, informed the Central Bank of Chile

The agency said this figure compares favorably with the balance of 1,336 million accrued in the same period last year and is the result of exports of US$ 51.393 million and imports of US$ 45.505 million. 136 more words


Relocating Rescued Rattlesnakes

Question: I found and took home a dying Northern Pacific Rattlesnake (Crotalus oreganus oreganus) after it became a victim of a wildfire. It’s now eating great and able to move fluently which is great and a job well done in my eyes. 775 more words



 Returning South African Residents are allowed to take their personal and household effects
(excluding alcoholic beverages and tobacco products) back to South Africa without the… 387 more words

August 2014

today's serving of blog nonsense

a lot of people on facebook (at least in my facebook news feed) have developed an annoying habit of sharing stuff from annoying websites like viral nova and sfglobe feature videos and articles with slogans that annoyingly challenge your curiosity to click on and see if it really will “blow your mind away, literally!” the content may be cute or interesting but what gets my goat is really the way they present stories that if you do not click on, you’re gonna lose half of your life. 737 more words

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