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The Financial Times - Getting it wrong on Ireland, and how

So, the FT has an oped on the Irish recovery.  And it is, sadly, about as wrong as can be.  689 more words


MOSCOW: ' Russia Plans to Ban Fruit Imports from Ukraine '

#AceFoodNews – MOSCOW – September 19 – Russia may ban imports of fruits from Ukraine by late September, Russia’s agricultural watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor said Friday RIA Novisti reported.   161 more words

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Muv Luv Alternative Total Eclipse: Yui Takamura Pilot Suit Statue by Kotobukiya

Back when I did my feature on S.H. Figuarts Sailor Moon, I recounted how I originally got into anime back around the mid 90’s. I can’t say as I have that same passion (or obsession) for anime these days, but lately I have been spending a lot more time chilling out with a drink in front of Crunchyroll and one of the series I quite enjoyed was Muv Luv Alternative Total Eclipse. 975 more words

Poundland make-up revolation

A little while ago I wrote a post about some of the Rimmel products I found in Poundland for a fraction of their original price. Well, the reason why they were so cheap has only just dawned on me… 287 more words


Why Switzerland is Nevada's biggest foreign export market

This item and its headline have been corrected.

The Washington Post published a map Thursday of the top foreign export markets for every US state. For most states, 35 in all, the top export market is Canada. 157 more words

Food Sanctions and The New Russian Grocery Basket

Sanctions are a double-edged sword. Following Russia’s actions in Ukraine and Western sanctions against high level officials, Russian Prime Minister Medvedev announced an import ban on foodstuffs from the EU, US, Australia, Canada, Japan and Norway (interestingly, exceptions to the ban include alcohol, baby food, pet food, lactose alternative products, pet food, coffee and olive oil.) Russia is hoping the ban will punish many western countries, decrease Russian dependence on European goods, and boost domestic agriculture. 769 more words