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While attempting to get caught up on my online Psychology of Social Behavior class, I stumbled upon something that is me in a nutshell.

I am learning about Impression Management which is the process of trying to get others to see us as we want to be seen. 453 more words

Making an Early Impression

Kevin Spacey is a model citizen of the Darwinist theory of “survival of the fittest.” Actually, a more appropriate phrase for Mr. Spacey would be “survival of the funniest.” It’s perhaps common knowledge that people who are casual fans of the famed actor are aware of his skillful impressions. 49 more words

Preorders bite back

  If you haven’t heard about this one yet, please advise us as to which rock to send information to.

Destiny was a hype train that just wasn’t going to stop. 450 more words


Part 2 : Designing time - Styleboards and first impressions

I’ve been quite busy for my clients at Hulten. I’ve made 5 different style propositions (Glamour, Modern, Country, Zweeds-Landelijk and Zweeds-Modern). I’ve also drawn some first impressions about how their kitchen/conservatory and living room could look like. 13 more words


The road trip

After more than 2 weeks traveling around in America, we finally made it to the beaches in the area near Los Angeles

The road trip was great! 645 more words


Disney Magical World is not goofing around

Disney Magical World is possibly one of the most deceptive videogames I’ve ever stumbled upon. At a quick glance, it seems like it is an uninspired stab at trying to steal from the popularity of… 946 more words