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Warm Weather Favored Flower

Last days of July
Summer’s sun traverses sky
Rose of Sharon blooms



First impressions
and last impressions, too
makes a lasting imprint

Etched in minds

people will often remember
what they saw in you
the first time they met you

written by: Kimalee Jones


Our Two Bedroom Story: His POV Impressions and Review

These reviews assume you have already played Kaoru, Chiaki, and Akiyoshi‘s main routes and makes no attempt to keep those plot unspoiled.

519 more words


A Shout Out

Hey guys. So a long while back I was watching a Doctor Who music video on YouTube when my eyes caught this beautiful comment;

This is so sad.

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Doctor Who

Top 5 Reasons Destiny is the Worst Game Ever

Before we kick this off, let me say that “Worst Game Ever” is a sarcastic title, just so that I can keep this article in league with my other “Worst Game Ever” write-up for Assassin’s Creed 3.   291 more words


Teutonic Impressions (Est. March 2014)

Under-lit by golden hues:

Columns, towers, buildings.

Roman aspirations remain,

Rebuilt from ashes.

Defiantly, a bear carries aloft the eagle, 21 more words


Terror in Resonance Ep. 3: Where No One Knows My Name

In “Search & Destroy,” Nine and Twelve are painted by the police as faceless enemies. They see themselves as nameless.