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Day 1 - The Epic Journey & Tourist Rides

We have survived the night! I think the worst part for me of the whole trip is the ferry ride. I am notoriously a bad sleeper: I have to have complete darkness in the room and as far as can be achieved, complete silence. 703 more words

Shots from FD offset Kings

Collective of pictures taken of our wagon at Offset Kings.  Thanks to all the photographers!

 These two above from Minh Nguyen of Royal Origin. Irwin Wipatasillapin of Filthy Culture.   36 more words


Natural de-selection

Before Mitsubishi got famous with its all-wheel drive rally hero, the company made pens and of course, air-conditioners. It also made aeroplanes. Notoriously, their biggest claim to fame on the aviation front was the A6M, aka Zero Fighter. 453 more words

Just a taster of the week to come!

Here’s a video that Dad uploaded a good while ago… comes complete with award-winning commentary! There is quite a bit of bad language, if you’re likely to take offence… Normally if I passenger with Dad, it’s like silent city. 52 more words

New seats

I do love my Subaru, but he can be a pain to drive. I’m only little (5 foot 2 on a good day!) and while I might start off sat in a good position, gradually I end up sliding further and further back in the seat, till I realise I can’t actually see much over my steering wheel. 197 more words

Prep for FD part 2 // Offset Kings at Formula D Long Beach 2014

Okay, first I wanted to start out by saying that the last few weeks were pretty busy for us.  This weekend especially.   Getting Jamie’s car ready for FD has been pretty nerve wracking but we were able to pull it off.   372 more words


A Very Subaru Weekend - Stripping down an 02 WRX and Redamak's Car Meet 2014

Video of a few friend and I stripping down a WRX and headed around to a car meet. Enjoy!