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Walking Man

For years Walking Man and I took the same road. He, on foot. Me, by car. In opposite directions. He, south. Me, north. Me, south. He, north. 506 more words

inprint + images

The beginning of a new series. Busting out of the box while gilded in gold.


Tiffany: Imprint

My mother quickly forgets that she asked about my dead father. The doctor’s say that the Alzheimer’s isn’t that bad. That we caught it early. It just feels worse then it is I guess. 515 more words


ghoul frenzy

Illustration for the final column of “Talking Remote.”

Illustration and title text for Science cover.


My Wolfy Moronic Claim

*contains minor The Office spoilers*

Hello reader(s),

(The is in parentheses because I am under the impression that only your mum reads this blog) 1,051 more words

Pop Culture

What's Wrong with Romance?

No one could possibly be as surprised as I was the first time I wrote a romance novel.  Given my track record as a reader, I’m probably the most unlikely romance novelist that you’re ever going to meet.  798 more words


The Curious Incident of the Dog and the Night-time - Imprint

17 July

The imprint does not need to work as a piece of marketing material, and so should generally be as unobtrusive as possible. In this case, the imprint works well because it is easy to read with comfortable measure, tracking and point size, and isn’t distracting from the parts of the book that are meant to work as marketing material, or that are important for the reader to pay attention to (like the contents page).