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只不过在看韩剧的当时,剧中的小孩他的小兔死了 - 他问了医生 ‘小兔是不是上了天堂?’



老实说,如果没有这位上帝,我真的觉得这个世界太无聊了, 太没意思了。所以因为祂,我要活着。





I should really be asleep by now..

I have no idea why, but I am just really very unsettled since I came home from work.

Maybe it was the extreme fatigue I felt after returning home, maybe it was having to pull myself out of my afternoon nap to buy dinner, maybe it was those emails from my boss, maybe it was the prospect of having to tuition my two boys for the next two days, maybe it was tiresome having to try and find people to do something I wanted so badly to do myself but didn’t have the skills to and having to convince people to try and do something nice and meaningful (I dislike this), maybe it was attempting to explain certain things over WhatsApp (I really dislike this too), maybe it was having to coordinate between people who don’t check their messages and don’t get the simplest ideas (okay, maybe it’s this, my blood pressure just went up), maybe it was feeling obliged to witness a proposal… 291 more words


Lilith's Apology

I drink in Adam’s ale and suddenly, I’m overflowing.
A substance, a vital force bends me towards the eternal home.
But I’m the rain searing into your back, the source… 101 more words


Sullen Constraint

Subdue, make timid,
that strange being, that man.

Bring his eyes down a notch.

Turn him from the far away stars
that he keeps trying to reach— 88 more words


#Random Thought: Broken Trust

One moment it is there,

The other, it is gone…

And it will just make you think…

When will it ever come…

Please come back you say… 44 more words


Five Cool Tips for Impromptu Speaking

I’ve already talked about this before but perhaps it’s good to reiterate this. The trick to impromptu speaking or extemporaneous speech is to learn to trust your brain. 328 more words