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The Best is Yet to Come..

About a year ago I knew it was almost time to transfer to a 4 year institution. However, I had other responsibilities and I had to wait until this Fall semester to transfer schools. 184 more words


Slow language progression

I give the classroom teacher and parent a chart with five strategies the child has learned or used in therapy. The teacher/parent also has a brief session with me to learn about each strategy so that she has a good understanding of what has been tried and has proven sucessful with the child. 137 more words


Week 1

This week my goal is to realize when I am procrastinating and catch myself before i do.

Most of the time I sit to do some work and suddenly its been 2 hours and i have completed nothing. 42 more words


Every Day is a Test

Educational journals and websites are replete with articles about how often we are testing students. With the advent of the Common Core Standards and implementation of the PARCC test (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Career), it is understandable that we have debate. 292 more words


Everyone is beautiful.
This phrase, although utilized in most body image campaigns around the world, doesn’t quite convey the positive “love yourself” message originally intended.  1,086 more words


guignol–noun: hand puppet; puppet show.

Delighted toddlers sat mesmerized through the entire guignol.