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Current Leader

A very important leader in today’s society is Jennifer Lawrence. Many people look at actors as self-centered individuals who only care about money and partying, but that is not true. 489 more words


Conversations with the President

Central Michigan has approximately 21,000 people on campus. At most larges Universities like this one the students barely know their presidents name let along are able to have a conversation with them. 275 more words

Skill Development

Write what you know

Hi All

This is completely new to me, I reckon in the future when I look back it will be quite hard to read my early posts and blog entries as my writing gets better and more enjoyable to read. 179 more words


I have to say I love, love, love my new class. It is on the foundation of early childhood education. I took four psychology classes and it is awesome to see the people like Skinner, Piaget, Manslow, etc in my new class. 1,031 more words


Do You Have Fixed Mindset? Here’s How To Change It

Have you ever wondered why some people realise their potential while others who are just as talented don’t?

I know I used to. I spent years frustrated and unhappy, blaming others for my mistakes instead of taking responsibility. 1,044 more words

Free day because... SNOW!

How to shut down the UK? A little bit of snow.
There’s hardly anything left of the snowfall last night in the city center, but college is closed. 500 more words

About My Life


testy–adjective: easily annoyed.

The testy father scolded his screaming son.