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No good 4 u

I keep staying over, it’s been four times and I only met him last week.
In the morning things are awkward when I go to leave, 130 more words

Up here

My head is amongst the clouds
I have never felt at home on the ground
And I like my dreamers point of view

Peace within me

I always feel torn
Like there was two of me born,
I hear two voices inside of my head
I exist deeply between them
It’s tough to completely reach either… 102 more words

A Piano Camp that Grooves and Glows?

A good friend of mine has called me a synthesizer. Not a keyboard with buttons, bells and whistles but a person who gathers information and ideas and… 1,026 more words

Teaching Tips

The people

I read today about a people that are fighting for their own land. I read about their suffering, and I read about their disappointment, about betrayal, the blood left on so many hands. 272 more words

A child's POV

At what age do we change,
When do we stop looking
At things the same,
Or so simply?
The world looked so different at three. 116 more words


I knew before
I knew,
All the things
We could
and couldn’t do