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My Online Lessons: An Update

If you’ve been following 88pianokeys.me for a while you might recall that I began taking online lessons with Bradley Sowash over a year ago.

Although it is extremely hard to find time to practice for these creativity lessons between teaching, blogging, having a life and practicing for my regular church position, I’ve found time to make progress. 201 more words

Creative Corner

Native American Flutography

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it allows one to glimpse the multiple varieties of this wonderful instrument. Enjoy!

All videos taken from the “ 27 more words


The Native American Flute

What is it?

The Native American flute is an end-blown, fipple-style woodwind instrument.  Traditionally, it is made from hardwood or cane.

They come in both five- and six-hole style.  99 more words


Last Ocarina Week Post

As Ocarina Week comes to a close, I’d like to leave you with these two videos. Enjoy!

Native Flute / Ocarina Duet (it gets better towards the end):

Asian Ocarina Ensemble:



Why do we educate ourselves?Some say to gain knowledge. Some say to get a good job. Some say to learn. I’d say to improvise! What’s the point of doing the same thing repeatedly over and over again if we can not bring something new and dynamic to it! 647 more words