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U need a writer

U need a writer
We see things in a way that others don’t
A starry sky to others is to us a map of another world and everything unexplored. 328 more words

88 Creative Keys in Denver: Should We Do It Again?

Since I’ve already offered plenty of posts about the 88 Creative Keys┬áCamp at 88PianoKeys.me, I’ll limit this to two points:

First, I can’t resist listing at least 8 (88-80) highlights at the Denver 2014 camp… 688 more words

Creative Corner

Be Flexible

It’s a great way to create a good and happy life.

If we insist on sticking to a plan to achieve whatever our goals are we will either miss out on opportunities or because of stubbornness stick with a way of living or a belief and become miserable. 114 more words


in the back of your mind...

A piece of you knows
It still doesn’t
Make you whole

The way you see me

A few posts here and there, all of which you read. A few pictures and you always stare.

You make your inferences, you decide what to believe. 168 more words

No good 4 u

I keep staying over, it’s been four times and I only met him last week.
In the morning things are awkward when I go to leave, 130 more words

Up here

My head is amongst the clouds
I have never felt at home on the ground
And I like my dreamers point of view