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Improvising A Marathon

We all make mistakes, sometimes when we are the height of our game. An experience that immediately jumps to mind was in the Summer of 2011. 647 more words

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Chapter 3 of 8... Finis

What a trip. Thinking back to that day last March, when I stepped out of the terminal at CDG and discovered that my best-laid plans were in serious jeopardy… Writing Chapter 3 brought it all back. 42 more words


You Are An Island

“You’re really taking control of your energy right now”.

“So what’s my energy like?”

“You’re an island.”

This snippet of conversation happened last night when I was swing dancing with one of my friends. 238 more words

Stand-Up Comedy Section for Comedy 4 Teens / Kids

We spend a lot of time on Improv here, but i wanted to prepare a course outline for students to follow. Everything below is spoken about in class, but perhaps we can share this with students and parents to increase potential outcomes for this class and all your future projects. 4,054 more words


Don’t laugh…my new best travel friend The Selfie Stick!

Rome and Florence were full of street vendors and although I initially avoided them like the plague I increasingly became tired and frustrated, fighting my nerves and desire to repeatedly ask people to take my photo. 170 more words


5 Innovation Quotes Worth Remembering

We’re bombarded with quotes around the topic of innovation every day. Thanks to social media and today’s sharing society, quotes by well-known (and unknown) figures are jockeyed about… 124 more words


Keep Your 2015 Studio Relevant with Pianoflix

After you received your undergrad music degree, performed a stellar recital of the classics, turned in that lofty thesis, passed a professional accreditation exam or somehow earned shiny, new initials behind your name, you probably felt a great sense of achievement. 713 more words

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