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And so to Plan B

Hubby and I often have to revise plans or ideas, and thus resort to Plan B.
In some instances, we even got as far as the F Plan, and that didn’t stand for food or fibre! 436 more words


#Poem The Healing Point

The healing point
has a blunt tip

It gets words
grabs them
as if a fraction is enough
– enough to ease

Words read themselves… 32 more words



When you live outside your passport country it’s normal to crave things that will help your new environment feel “normal” to you.  For me, that’s why I spend hours trying to create a certain food dish from scratch because certain dishes help me feel normal.  102 more words


Something To Relax To

This is called a Bulbul Tarang (also called a Shahi Baaja; something I’ll be posting about very soon) and musician, Pete List makes it sing beautifully.


Take a listen:




Street Gym

About to run an OCR? I don’t mean one of those fun little jaunts like a local mud run, I mean something serious. Are you prepared? 953 more words


U need a writer

U need a writer
We see things in a way that others don’t
A starry sky to others is to us a map of another world and everything unexplored. 328 more words