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There's not a lot to know about me if you squint hard enough.

I’m like a toddler with a red hammer when it comes to money. No no, you don’t understand; everything I do is done through a useless cocktail of impulse and ‘Can I afford that flashy new tablet for uni’? 581 more words

Tattoos: Fashion statement or trashy brands?

Tattoos are popular within todays market, ranging from younger to older customers, in a range of sizes, designs and places of where to get them. 362 more words

Queuing takes time!!

The cash desks are often located on the left hand side of the store, as research shows that consumers tend to enter the store and walk towards the right hand side. 68 more words

[022] Impulse Buy: Oogami Sakura (Dangan Ronpa × Yupon Trading Figure Collection)

Since I don’t talk about how much I love Dangan Ronpa on here, I think this post is as good as any to say that: … 523 more words


I deserve the last brownie because I wasted a whole day off waiting for a package that never came.

What was the contents of the package, you ask? A bed frame that I impulse bought at 4:30am exactly two weeks ago, after a cockroach crawled across MY NAKED STOMACH IN BED. 178 more words

Bad Day

Love @ 1st Sight

I now know how it feels … to fall in love in an instant; to have the object of your affection occupy your every waking moment, to agonise over whether it’s right or wrong; and to have happiness run through your veins when you hold what you desire in your hands. 163 more words