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YOLO. No, No.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term YOLO, it is an abbreviation of You Only Live Once. YOLO became popular as a result of a song called “The Motto”, released in 2011 by Canadian rapper, Drake. 300 more words


The Way I See It

The Internet divides us into two groups: those who create content and those who devour it daily. This came to mind recently as I once again deactivated my Facebook account. 542 more words

Things That Happen(ed)

Why Do I Even Try?

I ask myself that question after every failure. And recently, failures abound. Javan is highly unstable in his bipolar mania right now. He is just super intense and impossible to “handle,” impossible to control. 1,356 more words

Wandering Existence

She lived on the edge of impulse,
bounded not was she;
it soon became an addiction,
she thought it would set her free.

She’d seen life reduced to existing, 210 more words


Go There

Whether it’s the location you’ve never been to but can’t stop thinking about, or the project you don’t know if you should jump into.

Go there. 268 more words


Symptoms - Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children

How can I tell if my child has ADHD?

By Mayo Clinic staff

ADHD has been called attention-deficit disorder (ADD) in the past. But, ADHD is now the preferred term because it describes both primary aspects of the condition: inattention and hyperactive-impulsive behavior. 799 more words


Isolation without ringing bells...

So in the 8 months that I have had this blog, I have now reached 100 posts – 101 including this one, I think. I’m not sure if I’m surprised or not. 537 more words