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Want to Quit Smoking?

Smoking is the epitome of impulsiveness. The brain decides its time for a smoke and the mind quickly follows suit and thus, a person smokes. 467 more words


How To Deal With An Impulsive Child

Impulsiveness in children can range from the benign—speaking without waiting for his or her turn, to the downright dangerous—darting across the street into traffic. While some impulsiveness is normal in children as they learn the art of self-control, excessive impulsiveness can be a sign of deeper concerns such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or other… 724 more words

Miriam Manela

Gotta let that thought mature.

I’ve come to a new conclusion, at least for me. Probably many people have come to this conclusion before, and I was just a bit late getting to the party. 166 more words

Nova Went Berserk Part II

They say that sorrow carves the canyon that holds the river of your joy. I could see my canyon, cut straight deep down the middle of me, empty and dry. 574 more words

Success for Obsessive Impulsive People

Success to me is not letting others’ criticism of you change what works for you.

A while ago, a colleague of mine said I have a tendency to be obsessive and impulsive and needed to be more in control of that, he said.   212 more words


New Study Reveals that Nature Helps Reduce Impulsiveness

Nature has many positive benefits, but one of the most recent benefits to come into the spotlight is its ability to suppress impulsive tendencies—even when viewed virtually. 258 more words