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15 April 2014

15 เมษายน….

ถึงจะผ่านมาหลายวันแล้วก็เถอะ… แต่ไหนๆแล้วก็ขอซักหน่อยละกัน…

วันนี้มันทำไมงั้นหรอ? สำหรับไอมาสแล้วมันเป็นวันเกิดของสามคน คือ

1. นู – นูมาคุระ มานามิ – คนพากย์ฮิบิกิจากบ้านหลัก 765 AS

2. โทโคโระ เมกุมิ – ไอดอลในฝั่ง 765 MS


3. ไอบะ ยูมิ 24 more words



  • What is IM SSF  ?IP Multimedia Service Switching Function is a  gateway to provide IN service such s legacy VPN ( Virtual Private Network ),
  • 32 more words
Application Server

The walk of shame

You know what I’m talking about…
…things didn’t go as planned.
…maybe you feel sheepish or a bit embarrassed.
…sometimes you even have to swallow back tears. 475 more words


Wipe out

(Individuals who choose to be wives, I ask that you don’t take offense to this. I’ve had to have this conversation several times over the years.) 240 more words

MDL Excited for Largest Microwave Exhibit

For this year’s Microwave Week (June 1-6), the MDL team will be in Tampa Bay, Florida for the IEEE MTT International Microwave Symposium (IMS). The IMS is one of the largest exhibitions in the microwave industry hosting over 500 companies.  110 more words


Interactive Media Strategies Reflection - Week 7

This week we had quite an interesting seminar and lecturer about User Experience and Usability. The most valuable thing I learned on that day is about putting myself in users’ shoes to understand their needs and their wants. 369 more words


Photo re-touching

At my first job right out of college I was an intern for a number of years and as the intern I got stuck doing a lot of retail outliners.  83 more words