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Milestone 100 - Novel Excerpt

Well guys, it happened.  100 people liked my Facebook page (actually, it’s up to 102!).  When I first started the page, I promised my… likers?  Followers?  597 more words

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Aren't Adaptations Special?

We just passed the 35th anniversary of the publication of Gould and Lewontin’s classic, highly cited, highly controversial essay (diatribe?), “The spandrels of San Marco and the Panglossian paradigm: a critique of the adaptationist programme… 1,208 more words

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Endgame: Scientific Data "vs." Conclusions

I’ll let the poll (prior post) run for a while but as it winds down I wanted to explain why I posted it:

In the past, I’ve often run into scientists who, when defending their published or other research, respond something like this: 1,357 more words

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Showdown: Scientific Data vs. Conclusions (POLL)

A short post that guest-tweeting at the  Biotweeps account on Twitter got me thinking about– featuring a poll.

Imagine this: two scientists (colleagues, if you’re a scientist) are arguing thusly. 254 more words

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