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Endgame: Scientific Data "vs." Conclusions

I’ll let the poll (prior post) run for a while but as it winds down I wanted to explain why I posted it:

In the past, I’ve often run into scientists who, when defending their published or other research, respond something like this: 1,357 more words

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Showdown: Scientific Data vs. Conclusions (POLL)

A short post that guest-tweeting at the  Biotweeps account on Twitter got me thinking about– featuring a poll.

Imagine this: two scientists (colleagues, if you’re a scientist) are arguing thusly. 254 more words

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Some Money Business !

One typical Sem’ at NUS

How useful it is to have very organised flatmate – moreover studying business !
This can give a small idea of the amount of money needed during one semester at NUS – including all the travelling that most exchange students do.

Tribute to Robin Williams

The majority of my posts are anti-serious jargon where I make fun of pop culture and social trends. Today though, I think it’s very important to recognize that we lost a legend yesterday. 250 more words


Worst Day of My Career

Even nine years later, I still keep thinking back to a day, early in my career as an academic faculty member based in England, that traumatized me. 2,008 more words

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Honesty and Happiness

Honesty is the best policy.

How many times have you heard that over the span of your life? Entirely too many to count? Me too. And yet somehow that phrase doesn’t resonate as loudly as it should to those who need it most. 708 more words

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Why I took a blogging break

Yesterday, I finally started blogging again after a good month off. A lot of it had to do with the pregnancy emergency I had at the beginning of July. 299 more words