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Ibrahim Al-Koni: In the desert we visit death


The desert means freedom. It is the only place where we can stare death in the face, and return home safely afterwards. Meet Libyan writer Ibrahim Al-Koni for a rare talk about the desert as a literary place.

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Dreams by Nathaniel Whitcomb & Matthew Sage


Dreams is an exploration of places, or rather, ideas of places from a bygone era, through collaboration. They start as handmade collages. They become songs, scenes… destinations of the mind.

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Sound of Chaos by Felipe Sanchez Luna


In this work a double pendulum is tracked with help of a red and green LED in order to sonificate the chaotic movements of it. 

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After Hanging Fruit by Jonathan Gillie


After Hanging Fruit began as a study of Paul Klee’s painting of the same name. i was interested in the way in which he brought a luminosity and use of tone painting, which is what I worked on initially.

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Tissue by Shunsuke Watanabe


Audiovisual work
NTSC video | Stereo sound
Duration: 4’45″

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Visualizing The Hidden Cosmos | The Making Of Dark Universe


The team behind Hayden Planetarium’s latest space show, Dark Universe, including Neil deGrasse Tyson, detail the developments in research and technology that have enabled the show’s unprecedented views of our galaxy.

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