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The King on The Tree

Today, we will be looking at the Ai king that was hung on the tree in the passage below, to see what this event meant for the Israelites. 888 more words

The Gospel

Who Keeps You?

There are levels of maturity in the Spirit. When first born again, when first made aware of the reality of the realm of the Spirit and spiritual things, there is truly the attentive, insatiable inquisitiveness of infancy – so much joyful wonder, so much to learn and to experience. 415 more words

Released Into His Care

I Have Christ's Faith In Me

“And the apostles said unto the Lord, Increase our faith.”Luke 17:5

How do I respond to the promises of God?

This is a question I continuously ask myself, if God has anticipated my every need and through Christ has provided all my needs by grace, how do I receive all God has for me? 435 more words

In Christ

God's Work of Art

Ephesians in its brevity encapsulates the best of Paul’s message. It is a message of peace, grace and as always encouragement in the Christ life. Paul’s passages in Ephesians are the phrases I want to keep in my head and heart, mindful that as we move to the new day of Easter, we might also think of moving to the new day when the positive message of the gospels and of St. 434 more words


You Will Laugh ( by Fenny West)

You Will Laugh!



You will laugh at adversity

You will laugh at poverty

You will laugh at infirmity

You will laugh at penury

You will laugh at conspiracy… 647 more words

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Victory from God

Today, we will be looking at the events that took place after Achan’s punishment. We will see exactly what happened, and what believers can take away from this passage. 868 more words

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end times healing and divine fitness: body, heart and mind

Have You Gotten It Right Yet? – Pastor Sandra Kennedy April 06, 2014


Fearless In His Presence April 04, 2014


The Assurance of Faith April 02, 2014… 159 more words

Healing God's Way