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Episode 24: Capote

Today, Carlin and Jordan sit down and discuss Capote, starring Philip Seymour Hoffman.  They talk about Hoffman’s masterful performance, how Capote and Smith are two sides of the same coin, and the themes of friendship that run throughout the movie. 21 more words


It all falls on the director

The Rupp family were Roman Catholics, the Clutters, Methodist – a fact that should in itself be sufficient to terminate whatever fancies she and this boy might have of some day marrying.

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Truman Capote - In Cold Blood

When I was a teenager my girlfriend asked me why I liked miserable music. I replied that I thought there was beauty in it. That sad music most realistically reflects the human condition, that it is like life and, more importantly, depressing music reflects our relationship; sad, beautiful, flawed and it will, eventually, end. 507 more words


MOVIE REVIEW | Infamous (2006)

In 2005, Bennett Miller made Capote, the story of Truman Capote investigating the killing of a Kansan family that lead to his genre defining book, In Cold Blood.  616 more words

Week 11: In Cold Blood

Author: Truman Capote
Pages: 343
Days to finish: 6

In Cold Blood is a nonfiction novel documenting the events surrounding the 1959 mass murder of the Clutter family in Kansas, a crime seemingly without motive. 102 more words


#hap2014 - 072 - Logh

In case you seriously dislike a bit of the darker side of this whole indie pop stew or are indeed phobic of long song titles that could be Velvet Underground songs turned into oddly mis-shaped novels about philosophical robot factory workers…. 88 more words


No One Leaves the Room Again: Philip Seymour Hoffman after screening of Capote

In tribute to the recent passing of character-actor supreme Philip Seymour Hoffman this post intends to both capture a revealing glimpse of him after the screening of his film,  983 more words

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