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In Defense of Lost in Space

I actually have problems with series like Lost in Space, or Star Trek Voyager for that matter. there’s something inherinantly unsatisfying about them because you know he main plot point – getting home will either NEVER be resolved or won’t be resolved until the series ends (and personally I think it would have been a brave move to state at the end of Voyager that the ship was lost and never heard from again). 416 more words


In Defense of... The Counselor

“In Defense of…” is a series of articles meant to examine and reevaluate films that opened to poor critical or box office reception. This article may contain SPOILERS. 1,149 more words


In Defense Of Thought Catalog: Integrity, Artistic Integrity, And Why All Thinking Is Relevant

Thought Catalog has a lot of critics. And it’s a good thing. Critique is good; it is necessary for anything of importance, and it shows that people are thinking. 1,431 more words

In Defense of He-Man

One of the quickest ways to raise my ire is with the following words:

“He-Man is gay.”

It’s not just the insult….it’s the ignorance behind it, and the tenuious reasoning that brings one to that conclusion. 322 more words

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