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In Defense of the Fangirl

FAN•GIRL (n) An extremely or overenthusiastic fan of someone or something

It’s the spring of 2012 and I’m driving down to suburban Philadelphia in a Ford Escape full of thirteen-year-old girls (six, to be exact) so that we can line up and wait inside a mall for a boy band I had yet to hear of. 992 more words

Boy Bands

In Defense of Joel Schumacher

Schumacher’s name is synonymous with failure. After all, he pretty much destroyed the Batman movie franchise and it took visionary director Christopher Nolan to redeem and reinvent it. 613 more words


In Defense of Destiny's Story

I talk about video games a lot on this blog, because I love them and play a lot of them. I also write about storytelling… 741 more words

In Defense of Alien Resurrection

Wow. There sure are a lot of Sci-Fi films showing up here. I think I expected to be writing about more horror and superhero than sci-fi. 983 more words