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At work. It’s quiet here today as its the Easter holiday so no courses running. Have had very few of my assessment clients turn up due to bad weather. 261 more words

Covering Up the Tracks of Last Night's Anger

That freshly brewed pot of coffee, that woke me up this morn, an attempt at covering up the tracks of last night’s anger, perhaps? That, was what you’d always done, buttering me up, saying those sweet poisons, so I’d forgive AND forget, and, strangely enough, those words that tasted like honey that you poured into my ears, they’re actually making me hard-of-hearing. 154 more words

Feelings & Emotions

In denial – March 14, 2014

My children, many are in denial, they do not want to acknowledge or accept the truth although they know it. They love lies because it is more acceptable and profitable to them than the truth. 248 more words

Awareness Letter

There comes a time when everything has to come to an end; when a certain notice is needed to bring someone into realization. Relationships are hard, everyone knows this, but when you break up, it can be detrimental to your social status, to your self- happiness, or you can simply forget about what happened, move it to the back of your mind, and never look back. 221 more words