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Marsh End - The Play

I’m so excited to let you all know about my new production for 2015.
The play is called MARSH END and is a lot darker than my usual work. 411 more words

New Writing

A few notes about our legacy data

We regularly receive notification that DOAJ data has been used for analysis; analysis done by publishers, librarians, students, technologists, bloggers and many others. That the data is central to so many studies continues to reinforce the importance of the DOAJ in the open access movement. 809 more words

News Update

Xenoraptor - cyberdragons and lasers!

Hey guys, welcome back to Withinthegame.com!

Here’s another sci-fi game for you, I’m sure you’re all getting sick of them by now so I’m going to try to find something less sci-fi next time… 142 more words


Vagante - roguelike hack'n'slash with a bite

Hey guys, welcome back to Withinthegame.com

‘Roguelike’ games are in vogue at the moment it seems, with many developers taking up this procedural level generation as a method of keeping their game playthroughs fresh and interesting. 319 more words

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Ceres - have I talked about spaceships enough yet?

Hey guys, welcome back to Withinthegame.com!

I might as well change my name to SPACESHIPS MCSPACESHIPSGUY. I’ve got another space based game for you because spaceships shooting lasers and rockets and cannons and things is my kind of heaven. 411 more words

Indie Games

Kill The Bad Guy - Justice is served... with a piano?

Hey guys! Welcome back to Withinthegame.com!

I’ve got another video demo today for you guys, a game called Kill The Bad Guy by Exkee.   207 more words

Indie Games

Third World Future: Africa - literally saving the world.

Hey guys and welcome back to Withinthegame.com!

A few days ago Third World Future contacted us and asked us if we’d tell you guys about their new app. 231 more words