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Drap og Design is an Oslo-based ‘creative agency’ and the makers behind a color-changing hoodie.  The Interacket Jacket is equipped with LED lights that turn on and match the color of the object the wearer is touching.   29 more words

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Snaptrax is a baseball cap with built-in bluetooth technology that controls your smartphone through voice command.  Snaptrax allows phone calling, alert reminders, emailing, navigational assistance and music playing.   28 more words

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In Development: Starting Up

I have always been interested in the process of making games. Games are something that I, along with millions of others, play every day without even knowing how they (mostly) work. 589 more words



The Metamorphosis is a woman’s smart top that reacts to the levels of alcohol in the body.  The sleeves turn a different color and expand the more the wearer consumes alcohol.   28 more words

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Ampy is a battery that charges itself from the energy your body creates through motion.  An app on your smartphone indicates the amount of power you have generated for the Ampy while tracking the number of calories you burned.   61 more words

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Nixie is a bracelet that when unfastened turns into a quadcopter that flies and takes pictures or video of the wearer. The tiny drone is able to return back to the individual when the task is complete.   14 more words

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The Portal is a flexible smartphone concept that can be worn around the wrist.  Arubixs, the company behind the project, has created a cell phone that is thin, shatterproof and water resistant.   52 more words

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