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2013 Annual Report is here!

Check out our 2013 Annual Report! Click below to read stories about our amazing aging clients and see the past 35 years in review! Thank you for all your support! 6 more words


Daily Walking for Seniors: It Does the Body Good

The human body was designed for movement. As we get older, this movement becomes more important to overall health. While some individuals have adopted a sedentary lifestyle, it is never too late for starting an exercise regimen. 352 more words

In-home Care

Medication Therapy Management Is a Crucial Part of Senior Care

As seniors age and develop health concerns, one of their most difficult tasks is keeping up with medications. Without consistent and correct use of their life-saving medications, seniors can quickly become ill and require hospitalization.  425 more words

In-home Care

Using In-Home Care to Help with Dementia

Home care for dementia

Understanding dementia is the first step towards establishing structures that can take care of patients suffering from this mental illness. Unfortunately, most people know very little about dementia; associating it with dangerous madness, which makes them seclude patients who have even the slightest signs/ symptoms of mental instability. 304 more words

In-home Care

Life in the Garden: Mole Wars

There’s a mole inside my deer-proof enclosure. The hill marking the tunnel under the fence appeared on the summer solstice; on the night of my birthday, for gawd sake. 1,195 more words

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