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Home Care Helps Family Caregivers Beat Depression


Home Care Helps Family Caregivers Beat Depression

Today, nearly one-third of all Americans—that’s more than 45 million of us—are providing care for an elderly or disabled loved one. 1,140 more words

Alzheimer's- a New Reality

One of the most challenging things about living with someone with Alzheimer’s can be the constant confusion.

Often, the person isn’t in touch with reality and may not realize where they are, or what year it is, or who you are- and that can be heartbreaking and frustrating. 468 more words

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Extreme Caregiving 4: The furnace isn't working, the baby is tired.

“Gretchen?” comes Mama’s hesitant voice over my cell phone. You called my phone, who else would it be? I’m borderline irritable after getting up before 5 and still not getting to Seattle until 8:20 after three hours in drizzle and interstate traffic; and a baby who took 30 minutes of his usual 90 minute morning nap. 491 more words

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How Seniors Can Boost Their Memory with Mental Workouts

Memory does not have to decline as people get older. Science has proven that if we exercise our brains throughout our lives we can preserve our memories into older age. 373 more words

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Older Drivers Today Are Safer Drivers Than in the Past

Anticipating the aging of a large population of the “baby boomer” generation, highway safety experts for years have warned of the potential for a great increase in age-related traffic accidents as boomers become senior citizens. 381 more words

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Healthy Meal Ideas for Seniors

Planning and preparing meals for the elderly can be a challenging task sometimes. Medical conditions may limit the types of food they can and cannot eat. 403 more words

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The Importance of Hydration for Senior Citizens

After mowing the lawn on a hot summer day, you crave a glass or two of water and need to replace the fluids you lost through sweat and exertion. 451 more words

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