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Surreal flowers

Originally these flowers are pink, but played a bit with the colors to turn em into these blue surrealistic cyclamen flowers


Love Is ... Silly

Three silly girls were jumping on the bed, and yes of course, they bumped their heads. But mom and dad roll with the punches with a coolness I wish I could bottle and bring home to deal with my littles.  71 more words


Is Privacy Compatable with Live-In Childcare?

The benefits of having live-in childcare are easy to see. What parents wouldn’t love to choose their childcare hours whenever they want? You can even split those hours up to have a little help in the morning, then more help later in the day. 289 more words

Au Pair

Sneak preview to our second FiOS Interview!

The award winning “My Long Island TV” news show interviewed Specialty Portable X-Ray’s Paul and Jesse Fowler. The interview took place during an actual patient visit to administer an X-Ray on-site at the patients apartment.  13 more words

In-Home Therapy Providers in Central Texas

If you are interested in finding in-home therapy or a therapist with flexible hours, you can call various therapy centers around town.  You can also post an inquiry with the Central Texas Autism Society Yahoo! 413 more words

What you need to know about Specialty Portable X-Ray

  • Medicare covers the cost of your home exam, as well as nearly all other insurance carriers.
  • Anyone who would find it physically or psychologically taxing to obtain an exam outside of their  home is qualified for home exams…
  • 224 more words

Scanner Available and Better Job Offer

Two great pieces of news that can only be topped by the fact I got two Barnes and Noble classics the other day.
The best gift to ever get a girl is a book she likes and her favorite food; she will thank you dearly once it’s in her hands and again once she’s finished reading it, which may take time, but rest assured, she will. 357 more words