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A Virtual Feast

In Rachel Lee Hovnanian’s installation In Loco Parentis, a gigantic white mouse stands in front of an open refrigerator, stuffing his face, while a toddler sits in a high chair looking down at her iPad; mounds of Cheerios cover the floor. 394 more words


Re-Thinking In Loco Parentis


 I was introduced to the concept of In Loco Parentis as an undergraduate at Indiana Wesleyan University. The policy itself, which in Latin means “in place of parents,” stood for the idea of the university continuing the work of a student’s parents by taking responsibility for the students’ holistic well-being. 552 more words

Banned Books Week

(This post contains spoilers, sort of, for To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee and The Long Song by Andrea Levy).

I should start this post off by stating that many of my favourite books have been banned at one point or another.  1,236 more words

Banned Books

Dad Magic

When my kids were younger and I was able to pull off some trick that amazed them (pretending to pull a quarter from behind their ears, say, or opening a jar of pickles that they couldn’t unstick) I’d look at them and answer their unspoken question: “how?” with two simple words: “Dad magic.” They’re ten and six now, and hardly astounded by the ability to take off an accidentally locked door handle, though my two word explanation of success still finds its way out of my mouth often enough to be expected by them both. 557 more words


Can a Pennsylvania Grandparent Get Primary Physical Custody of Grandchild? Yes and No.

Grandparents can get primary physical custody but It’s all about standing. That is, whether or not a grandparent can even get in the courthouse door, figuratively speaking. 348 more words

Child Custody