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In Memory Database | In Memory Analytics Engine | In Memory Engine

In-Memory Database is a memory-optimized relational database that provides applications with the instant responsiveness and very high through put required by today’s real-time enterprises in a wide range of industries. 869 more words


Key Values and Key-Value Stores and In-memory Databases

Back to more geeky topics… although my Mom loved the videos…

When very high performance is required to return key performance metrics derived from large volumes of data to a very large number of clients… in other words when volume and velocity are factors and the results are to be delivered to thousands of users (I suppose that I could conjure up a clever V here… but the cleverness would come from the silliness of the semantic stretch… so I’ll leave it to you all to have some pun); the conventional approach has been to pre-compute the results into a set of values that can be fetched by key. 371 more words

Big Data

Some Database Performance Concepts

I’m working on a new idea… it may or may not pan out… but here are some concepts for your consideration… with some thoughts on their performance implications. 972 more words