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In Other Words #2

“What I like most about cigars is simply sitting and talking with other men… Some of the best conversations I’ve ever had with men have been over a cigar.”

- Jim Belushi 


In Other Words #1

“When smoked, a pipe acts as the gateway between the smoking material and your body. So consider that experience and how the pipe adds to the overall pleasure.”

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Now What?

By: Jessie Yount

“Now what?”

My nine-year-old’s two favorite words of late. It sounds innocent enough. It sounds like curiosity. He’s a kid; aren’t they all curious? 852 more words

In Other Words

Journal of Democracy Celebrates 25 Years

By Janet Gilbert
Direct Response and Renewals Senior Coordinator

For 25 years, Journal of Democracy has documented and analyzed democratic movements around the globe. Its role as the leading academic chronicler of democratic change continues with the newly released… 360 more words

Current Affairs

“If oil and gas development goes ahead at a reasonable rate, the population of this area could be up to 5,000 and beyond 5,000.”

- In reference to the Mackenzie Delta, including the as-yet-built town of “New Aklavik.”  (House of Commons, 1959, in Dick Hill, Inuvik:  A History, p 26)

In Other Words

“Few realize however, as they pass and review a long series of cases containing clothing, weapons, or pottery with stories of the history and use, what work has been done, perhaps through many years, what money spent and sacrifices made to bring such collections to New York from the primitive race which used them.”

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