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Nutritional Profile 

Serving Size: ½ cup
Calories per serving: 38

Macronutrient ratios:

Carbohydrates 90% Fat 5% Protein 5%

ANDI Score: 106
NuVal Score: 99

Other Nutritional Information: 81 more words

In Season

Finger these limes!

Megan Shanley Warren is on a mission, to promote the funky little fruit her dad is harvesting on his California ranch.

From the outside, the finger lime needs all the help Warren, a marketing grad, can muster. 799 more words

In Season

in season :: grapes

Beyond beauty and flavor, grapes pack a healthy punch.

A little trivia: The Phoenicians brought the first grapevines to Greece soon after 1000 B.C., where they flourished. 381 more words



Nutritional Profile

Serving Size: ½ cup
Calories per serving: 15

Macronutrient ratios:

Carbohydrates 71% Fat 9% Protein 20%

ANDI Score: 376
NuVal Score: 100

Other Nutritional Information: 100 more words

In Season

In Season: Pears

Pears are something I only started enjoying in the past few years. They’re still not at the top of my list – apples reign supreme for fall fruits – but they’re working their way up there. 78 more words


Marking the seasons // elderberry flu remedy

There’s a suspicious tinge of orange on the leaves. The nights are drawing in. It would seem that Autumn is upon us.

It’s hard to put a finger on the start of Autumn, it’s one of those seasons that sneaks up on you. 513 more words


Tofu Nicoise Salad

As I browse through my instagram, Facebook, food gawker, etc. I can’t help but notice the influx of spicy pumpkin recipes that have taken over the internet. 400 more words