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In the Blood

It’s the old question of Nature vs. Nurture, and author Lisa Unger illustrates the point with a psychological thriller that you won’t be able to put down. 378 more words

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Lisa Unger's 'In the Blood': A Book Review

The best thing about Lisa Unger’s thriller “In the Blood” is the ominous mood it occasionally captures. An icy dread prevails at key moments throughout the story, making this a book best read on a cold winter’s night. 378 more words


Family secrets, secret sex and so much more: Lisa Unger’s In The Blood.

In Lisa Unger’s incredibly good but incredibly depressing In The Blood, psych grad student Lana Granger is living a life of lies in more ways than the reader (or herself, as we‘ll learn) can initially imagine. 371 more words

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Top Movies of the first half of 2014

  1. The Raid 2
  2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  3. Edge of Tomorrow
  4. Neighbors
  5. 22 Jump Street
  6. The Grand Budapest Hotel
  7. The Lego Movie
  8. The Monuments Men…
  9. 8 more words


Yes folks it is finally here! Due to the consistent celebrating of our managing directors birthday and a special project, we have been delayed. But alas, the movies were watched and we have the normal quick write up to tell you to or not to rent these titles.

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In The Blood - review

A cheap b-movie staring everyones favourite female mma fighter. Gina Carano stars as a newlywed on Caribbean honeymoon when her husband (Cam Gigandet) is kidnapped and its up to her to find out where he is, one face punch at a time. 262 more words