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In the City

The last two Saturdays have been so enjoyable for us.  Derek and I have explored Santiago a little more and discovered some new and interesting places from Gato Fest 2 to the center city to a quiet afternoon in the park. 345 more words


My Prayer for Iraq

Father, I don’t know where to begin. Quite honestly my heart is filled with to many emotions – competing emotions- from worry, fear, anger, pride, to love, hope, and even the temptation towards indifference. 911 more words


How Seeing 50 Shades Will Ruin Your Life...

     To be fair, the title is a stretch. Seeing a movie one time in the span of your life won’t ruin the entirety of your life. 1,172 more words


Remembering Our Relatives

This morning I am caught up in a creation story (anishnaabeg and iroquois traditional stories) and how Muskrat gave her life for Sky Woman to live. 858 more words

In The City

La Bella Luna

we have a beach right near our house, and there was a huge full moon, which of course looks miniscule in the pic

In The City

Currently Out of Service

It’s been a year. Maybe over a year that I got rid of my cell phone. It might be hard to believe in this world of technology and instant gratification but I did it. 1,214 more words

In The City