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In the Classroom: Thoughts on Ice (Buckets)

I have been very appreciative of the occasional attention given to introversion in the classroom for students and teachers of late. It helps me to clarify what I know already — I’m very introverted. 394 more words

In The Classroom

After two weeks back at school.

Summer was a refreshing break from Hong Kong.But I am happy to be back.

Here are some of the websites that my Grade 6 class will be using this year. 31 more words


And we teach anyway

I had a student visit me at lunch the other day.

Let’s call him Robert.

Robert was in my class for two years. Now, in my class, you were expected to come to class and participate by singing. 1,097 more words


Report: Lee County school board member wants to rescind opt-out vote

The board member who swung Lee County’s 3-2 vote to opt out of state-required standardized tests is asking for another meeting so the board can reconsider its stand… 75 more words


Analog Notebooks- Tom Lewandowski

Learners in our class, Our American Journeys, invested some time and energy this week in the creation of analog notebooks. They will use their unique notebooks as tools for learning to build literacy skills as they investigate American history. 167 more words

In The Classroom

All the News That's Fit for the Classroom

A teacher at my daughter’s new school just told me about a fantastic, relatively new Web site for students that has incredible learning opportunities, and that he will be incorporating into his lessons.  376 more words

In The Classroom

Curriculum, pedagogy, teachers and students: What do they have to do with CoP?

First things first, what is CoP? It is a ‘Community of Practice’. 

My thoughts on CoP is that it is a situation in which a group is collaboratively working together on a common concern or passion. 447 more words