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HIIT Training: Partner Workout

Who doesn’t love to workout with a friend? Try this HIIT cardio workout with your favorite workout buddy!

Partner 1: 50 Jumping Jacks Partner 2: 40 more words

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HIIT Training: Staircase Workout

Many of my clients can not make it to the gym everyday of the week and ask me for at home workouts. The following is a simple body weight workout requiring only a stair case! 92 more words

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Shoulders and Calves Training Plan

I seem to have the most trouble growing my shoulders an my calves. The following is a new training plan I am following to help gain a bit more definition. 89 more words

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Isolated Leg Day

I love leg day! I love it so much I have two a week! One day I focus mainly on Olympic lifting: Squats, Deadlifts, Cleans, Snatches, Lunges, the other day I focus on isolated leg work found below. 66 more words

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HIIT Training: Tabata Workout

40 Seconds On/ 20 Seconds Off

  • Jumping Jacks
  • Jack-Outs (Jumping Jacks with a Squat)
  • Jump Squats
  • High Knees
  • Tuck Jumps
  • Wall Sit
  • Crunches
  • Leg Raises…
  • 18 more words
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1000 Rep Workout, with a Side of Planks

This simple body-weight workout aims to target all your major muscles groups. Doing a high volume of reps helps you to fatigue your muscles without needing a gym or weight set at home. 76 more words

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HIIT Training: Treadmill Intervals

I’ve gotten a few questions on how to perform high intensity interval training on a treadmill, so he is a very basic breakdown of how you can do it! 38 more words

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