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House passes abortion bill after earlier stumble

Republicans muscled legislation through the House on Thursday tightening federal restrictions on abortions. The vote came after internal divisions forced them into an embarrassing fumble of a similar bill. 535 more words

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Elliot Rodgers: Nine Months Later

Most of the world have forgotten about Elliot Rodgers and the shooting at Isla Vista near UCSB. However the effect of his manifesto still is in the thoughts of many; especially those that are at UCSB. 406 more words

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How do you say "crazy" in Nigeria?

It’s Saturday today, and so far it’a shaping up to be a day of bare minimums: putting garbage out, running the dishwasher, driving the boy (late I should add) to soccer, turning off the TV. 166 more words


In the News: "Diet and Nutrition Essential for Mental Health”!

Say again, please! “Diet and Nutrition Essential for Mental Health”?

 Yes, indeed… 

Surely this news bears repeating : 
Evidence is rapidly growing showing vital relationships between both diet quality and potential nutritional deficiencies and mental health…
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To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate: Is There a Question?

During my BEd studies, I got called out by one of my professors for talking in class. She had made a dismissive comment about people choosing not to vaccinate their children and relying on herd immunity to keep them healthy. 378 more words


News: Social Arts 101 Lesson 1: Anxious to Calm

On Friday, January 23, 2015 a group of anxious adolescents, ages 11 – 13, gathered to start Social Arts 101. By the time they left, just one and one-half hours later, the majority were relaxed and keen to return for the next lesson. 232 more words


Immunotherapy as a Promising Cancer Treatment

The success of immunotherapy for some cancer patients was highlighted this month in The Globe and Mail. 60 more words

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