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This post was occasioned by a confluence of two events. I recently finished Carl Smith’s wonderful book City Water, City Life: Water and the Infrastructure of Ideas in Urbanizing Philadelphia, Boston, and Chicago,  1,147 more words

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CaptureProof Shows the APMA Just How To Track Patient Progress

This past weekend was the American Podiatric Medical Association’s Annual Scientific Meeting (The National) in beautiful, sunny Honolulu, Hawaii.

Don’t you wish you were a Podiatrist for the long weekend? 133 more words

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Summer Turns Up the Heat and Puts Seniors at Risk

Here are some cool ways to keep yourself and the elders you care about safe in the summer heat.

Stay Cool

As we age, our bodies do not adjust as well, or as quickly, to sudden changes in temperature. 700 more words

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Hospital Visit

I am sorry to report that there was a nasty truck accident outside of Mbarara involving male inmates from Mbarara’s main prison. They had gone out to collect firewood, but the vehicle lost control on the muddy road in the rain and flipped three times. 209 more words

Cana Grace In Uganda

What exactly is going on in Ukraine?

The Malaysian airplane crash in Ukraine did something to me, or rather: to Holland. Of the 298 people on board, 193 were Dutch. I know people who have lost friends and acquaintances in the crash. 118 more words


7 Things to Consider Before Choosing Sides in the Middle East Conflict

Confused about the conflict? Then here is a wonderful article from the Huffington post blog’s Ali A. Rizvi.

Original article here

Are you “pro-Israel” or “pro-Palestine”? 3,071 more words

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