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Inner Space

While you were looking out
through telescopic lenses,
catching comets in your eye
that in their orbit passed us by,
I was looking in
and found a vast expanse. 65 more words


Running late? Think again!

As we prepare ourselves for another work week, I was reminded of my friend’s life changing story. It saved his life and it could save ours. 464 more words

ZOE 2014: Let's Celebrate Greatness!

I wasn’t sure I would be at Zoe Camp until I was at Zoe Camp.

I swear. I wasn’t sure I could still do a 5hour road trip! 691 more words

In The Now

Carrying One's Own Weight

It’s midweek,

and we’re thinking about what’s still on our plates

and what’s been checked off our lists.

Are we doing a good job?

Should we have worked a little less or a little harder? 33 more words

Starved by the Mundane

I need more time in nature. I need to make-take more time to feed my soul with the heady scents of ocean mist, warm pine, cooling eucalyptus, cabbage roses, new mown grass, and the living earth after the rain. 116 more words


"Mama, Where Is Your Other Hand?"

It was just one of those nights when I was putting my little boy to sleep. We were lying in bed, side by side, my left hand gently tapping him and my right hand tinkering with my phone. 555 more words

Inspiring Thoughts

Themes for October and onward! - Healing Fountain blog




Life force energy


Vibrational energy

Healing Spa!

Healing spa event! Coming up in less than two weeks!

Chakra clearing

Massage therapy… 38 more words