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Yard Surprises and Writing Surprises

When the wild rabbits ate multiple sets of coneflowers this summer, I allowed myself one final purchase before freezing the garden budget. I bought… 606 more words


Just a Quickie Update

No pix, sorry….there is an explanation, though…

So since I last posted, a LOT has happened.

I fed hummingbirds from a feeder held in my hand. 453 more words

Random Thoughts

A Good Year for Wild Bees

This summer’s butterfly shortage is not reflected in the yard’s bee activity. Early in May carpenter bees began arriving, followed quickly by mixed swarms of bumble bees, mason bees, mining bees, and sweat bees. 339 more words


Sun Tea

If you’ve seen my sign, Sweet Tea Served Here then you know I love sweet tea. Some would say its so addicting it’s like liquid crack to some of us Southerners, lol.. 271 more words


Yearning for Butterflies

It’s been a slow year for butterflies in the yard. (And in other yards, as noted in the comments section on this recent post.) There were no butterflies at all in May, and in June the only visitors were a few skittish  328 more words


Spined Micrathena Spider (Arachnophobia Alert!)

Photography is one of my most useful allies against arachnophobia. In the past, this small spider (less than a half-inch in size) would have sent me scrambling indoors in a state of shivering panic. 191 more words


"Oh for FUN"

Say it with me now.  Oh fur fun.  My mother and most anyone who has spent their life in this part of the world could be caught putting “oh for” in the front of almost any adjective.   86 more words