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Sun Tea

If you’ve seen my sign Sweet Tea Served Here then you know I love sweet tea. Some would say its so addicting it’s like liquid crack to some of us Southerners, lol.. 266 more words


Yearning for Butterflies

It’s been a slow year for butterflies in the yard. (And in other yards, as noted in the comments section on this recent post.) There were no butterflies at all in May, and in June the only visitors were a few skittish  328 more words


Spined Micrathena Spider (Arachnophobia Alert!)

Photography is one of my most useful allies against arachnophobia. In the past, this small spider (less than a half-inch in size) would have sent me scrambling indoors in a state of shivering panic. 191 more words


"Oh for FUN"

Say it with me now.  Oh fur fun.  My mother and most anyone who has spent their life in this part of the world could be caught putting “oh for” in the front of almost any adjective.   86 more words

Hummingbird Happenings

In May, the yard’s hummingbird hopes suffered a setback when a family of house finches plucked the honeysuckle’s early blooms.

But the honeysuckle recovered quickly, and by the end of June there were enough blooms to attract renewed attention. 178 more words


Saddleback Caterpillar

The saddleback caterpillar is one of North America’s stinging caterpillars. Each hollow spine is equipped with venom, and bright patterns on its back advertise the danger. 315 more words


Canned & Dehydrated...

No, I didn’t get fired, and my water consumption is good, but I made ya look, right?

Our pepper plants are putting out more than the corner hooker this year. 284 more words

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