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The Babadook

I had heard nothing but rapturous and possibly obsessive reviews for Jennifer Kent’s new movie The Babadook.  It premiered at Sundance back in January and since then, William Friedkin and Stephen King have both essentially said that it’s the best movie ever made.  766 more words


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The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Who’s going to see it?!

review - top five

Tis the season of self-validation. Michael Keaton is proving he can transition from “Batman” to “Birdman.” Reese Witherspoon is showing she can be authentically “Wild,” rather than just “Legally Blonde.” And now Chris Rock is trying to demonstrate he’s more than a stand-up comic; he can write and direct and star in a movie to restart his career. 262 more words

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The Imitation Game (2014)

A genius mathematician with little time, need, or understanding of social niceties must learn to work with others in order to crack a code that can win WWII for the allies. 313 more words

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Foxcatcher (2014)

A lonely, naive, sensitive wrestler wants to become the best in the world and feels he can best achieve this with the help of the wealthy Mr. 194 more words

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Daniel Barnes @ the SN&R/CSIndy/MCW - 12/4 issues


When we think of the “revisionist Western,” the implication is usually one of Peckinpah-esque ultraviolence or Dead Man artiness. Tommy Lee Jones’ unexpectedly devastating… 142 more words

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review - horrible bosses 2

The original “Horrible Bosses” was clever. This one is crude to the point of being cringe-worthy. It keeps the cast, but jettisons most else. Gone are credibility, the exaggerated boss-worker relationships, and any semblance of what a real workplace looks or feels like. 318 more words

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