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Guest Review: Dracula Untold

Right off the bat I’ll admit to you that I have never read the book. Feel free to gasp and clutch pearls here. However, I have seen nearly every vampire movie both of the drama and horror persuasion from a very inappropriately young age. 528 more words

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The Guest

One of the first shots of Adam Wingard’s The Guest is of a giant scarecrow with a smiling jack-o-lantern for a face.  In spite of the cheery visage and the scarecrow’s open and inviting arms, the image is eerie because the chilly background synth music undercuts the harmless scene with a sense of menace.  863 more words


Daniel Barnes @ the SN&R - 10/16 issue


*David Ayer’s hyper-violent WWII film Fury recycles war-is-hell cliches from the silent era to The Simpsons.

*As the curmudgeon with a heart of fool’s gold at the center of… 76 more words

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In Theaters - "The Green Prince"

The Green Prince (2014; Dir.: Nadav Schirman)


By Mike Dub

Earlier this week, in his review of Kill the Messenger, Daniel Barnes echoed a common complaint about a great deal of films that are based on true stories: “It only shows how much more interesting an intelligent documentary… would be than this weak and warmed-over biopic treatment.” Biopics – at least the ones that aren’t obsequiously handed Oscars (Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx, ladies and gentlemen) – have rightfully been criticized for their myriad shortcomings. 643 more words

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Gone Girl

Given how meticulously crafted each of his movies is, I’m not surprised that prolific director David Fincher only has a total of 10 features to his name. 895 more words


In Theaters - "Kill the Messenger"

Kill the Messenger (2014; Dir.: Michael Cuesta)


By Daniel Barnes

The most overused narrative crutch in the last decade is the use of news footage, whether real or faked, to artificially advance the story and fill in blanks that the writer refused to bother with.  666 more words

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Gone Girl: Like watching The Matrix 1, 2 and 3 in a single sitting. 1. Good... 2. Not sure I like where this is going... 3. What the fuck???

Gone Girl begins as a mystery crime thriller that grabs your interest, draws you into the lives of a suspected husband and missing wife, keeps you guessing and then takes a turn down “what the fuck” road about half way through. 665 more words

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