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Your Daily Gohmert

“Thank God for Martin Luther King Jr. People in Egypt know about Dr. King. He wanted a peaceful demonstration and they were part of a peaceful demonstration.

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The Morning Quote

“Week one, we had a speaker election that did not go as well as a lot of us would have liked. Week two, we got into a big fight over deporting children, something that a lot of us didn’t want to have a discussion about.

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Mountain Range - In Their Own Words

2015 is set to be a huge year for London-based producer Mountain Range, one of our tips for the upcoming year. With work on his debut album drawing towards its inevitable stunning conclusion, and plans for a number of gigs being finalised, he’s nothing if not busy. 68 more words

Throw Back Thursday -Remember Tungsten Lighting?

Rather than share those awkward personal photos from way back when, I thought it would be fun to share some commercial photos that were created using techniques no one talks about anymore or styles we are all avoiding.  186 more words

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

THE OBAMA LIFESTYLE, by Joseph Farah at World Nut Daily

Imagine how bad off America would be if Barack Obama had a work ethic… …

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Mooselini's Christmas Homily (Word Salad)

Christmas is so extremely important. And not just for Christians — of course that’s the foundation of our faith, the birth of Christ — but also for those who just want to celebrate, to have a holiday that they can unite around, and today, unfortunately, people feel that they have to be so politically correct around that holiday, Christmas, that the joy of Christmas I think is diminishing, but it’s not too late, you can get that back, and we can keep working together to get the joy back into Christmas by putting Christ back into Christmas.

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The Morning Quote

“James Bond is a total concept put together by Ian Fleming. He was white and Scottish, period. That is who James Bond is.”

Junkie Limbaugh…

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