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Some Fries With Your Stupid?

Matt Barber, the man who only thinks about hot, sweaty man-on-man sex with thighs like pistons that can pump all night, tell us that… 383 more words

In Their Own Words

Some Stupid For Your Coffee?

Hebephrenic TeeVee Dinner heir and vanity press owner Tucker Carlson tells us that it’s obvious that black teens make a neighborhood dangerous, but that he would never admit that on the air.

In Their Own Words

Your Daily Gohmert

“You know, it’s a shame that the CDC head, Frieden, is apparently the commander of the Democrats’ new war on women nurses.”

Keep f***ing that Chicken.


It Would Be Irresponsible Not To [Speculate]!

Remember when Senate Majority Leader Dr. Bill Frist diagnosed Terri Schiavo using a video tape? Well, it seems that he started something as Fox News resident psychological consultant (who may or may not be certified (!) and licensed to practice), … 148 more words


Taking the Show on the Road - Leigh Beisch in Hong Kong.

Last year, Leigh Beisch shot for a large International Client. Because they needed a central location for their territories for this particular shoot, they choose Hong Kong as the location.  632 more words

In Their Own Words

Today In History...

…ten years ago today the Bill O’Reilly lawsuit was filed and the world learned what shouty person Bill-O wanted:

“I would take the other hand with the falafel (sic) thing and I’d just put it on your pussy.”

In Their Own Words