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Part 9: Unintended Consequences of Wearing Socks

The sharp buzz of the dryer snapped me out of my daydreams. I grabbed the hamper and emptied my clothes into the white basket. Back in the bedroom, I dumped my now clean traveling clothes onto the bed and began sorting, folding, and hanging up my clothes. 1,631 more words


Part 6: In Too Deep

I lounged in the general meeting area with the rest of the convention retreaters. Our sketch pads and notebooks lay forgotten on our laps as we began the ritual of getting to know each other again. 2,854 more words


Guest Post - Michelle Kemper Brownlow Talks Abuse, Music, and Writing

The White House has deemed sexual assault an epidemic on college campuses and over the last few weeks has started a nationwide movement to bring awareness to what is happening under everyone’s nose.

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Ty Dolla $ign - "In Too Deep" Tour Vlog (Ep.1) (Video)

On the first episode of Ty Dolla $ign‘s “In Too Deep” Tour vlog, the Taylor Gang member shows you what festivities went down in Texas.

Watch below.


Watch @MilaJ Dance On Bar Tops Wearing Little To Nothing! [VIDEO]

What’s Up, It’s Amir Diamond and Mila J has been one of the most pleasant artists I’ve ever met. When she was in H-Town she stayed longer than expected to greet and chat with everyone behind the scenes. 53 more words


This Little Piggy

Remember the children’s rhyme? It’s the title of Bea Davenport’s new book, and there’s a connection between the story and the rhyme. To find out what it is, though, you’ll have to buy the book – I have! 1,116 more words