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9 Signs You’re Getting More Comfortable In Your Relationship

The beginning of a relationship is like an interview. Just as there’s no way in hell you’ll confess that you’re not really an excel wizard, you’re sure as hell not going to admit that your room isn’t pristine all the time. 545 more words

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Is Story Needed In Gaming? Part 2

So I was facetiming my friend and Soul Calibur 2 came up. If you don’t know what Soul Calibur is, it’s a pretty fun game. It’s an arcade style fighting game, like Street Fighter or Teken (Tekken? 787 more words

Behind this Blog

This blog is called Dine In Beauty because I want to show people (and myself) how much food does affect your overall health. Unfortunately, the way our brains are programmed (child to adult), we like immediate satisfaction. 283 more words


stayed in sight

familiar is the grounds

as it stands as it best  makes its own


have the hope and nothing

will ever feel as the time… 48 more words


love in store

what causes the seeming

and its own cast with what takes

and how it best believes

and where it salvages

and its own trust

and what it keeps… 45 more words