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Some WIPs I might or might not finish.

And this one I’ve scrapped.


Pandemonium: My First Novel

While writing my new book, I got all starry-eyed and began thinking back to the first book I wrote which never got picked up by anyone. 317 more words


Initial reports in Algeria suggested that Ebosse, a JS Kabylie striker, died in hospital on August 23 after being hit by a projectile.
However, recent findings from a new pathology report – at the request of Ebosse’s family – claim that the 24-year-old’s death was the result of “brutal aggression” which could have taken place in the locker room following a league match in which JS Kabylie lost. 169 more words


Lala. Miss S hat sich verliebt.

Lala. Miss S hat sich verliebt.

So der schlichte Titel, und so die schlichte Wahrheit, Miss S hatte das gar nicht vorausgesehen, und so beginnen ja meistens die ganz großen Sachen. 155 more words


Get creative regardless

Creativity is always. It can’t be stopped and never should be.
Looking around is all it takes to fire it up and get you going. …
42 more words

'Arrive in' and 'arrive at'

Gyakori hiba, hogy mi, magyarok az ‘arrive’ (megérkezni) igével a ‘to’ elöljárószót használjuk. De bármennyire is szeretnénk, a következő mondat nem helyes:

They arrived to London on Saturday. 131 more words