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Me in person

My name is Casper first of all and im 21 years old. I have the last 4 years been working with web development and internet marketing as well as sales. 118 more words

5 Things I Didn't Learn In School

In school I learned how to calculate the area of a circle and how to count to ten in Spanish. But all I really wanted to know was how to kiss a girl. 328 more words


I worked. I actually liked my first day at work. The colleagues mostly seemed nice. I am however somewhat “IT”. I found myself thinking of new solutions and apps and such… I wanted to improve and create a lot of things. 147 more words


O2 Guru Workshops jetzt deutschlandweit: Learning by doing in O2 Shops

Passgenaue Informationen rund um die digitale Welt heißt es jetzt bei O2: In ausgewählten O2 Shops können sich Kunden im Rahmen individueller Workshops von O2 Gurus… 331 more words

Vodafone investiert in Netz für Berlin

  • Sprachqualität massiv verbessert
  • Datennetz bringt ab sofort doppelte Surfgeschwindigkeit
  • Vodafone baut Netz für vier Milliarden Euro in Deutschland aus

Berlin, 6. Juni 2014 – Auch Berlin hat jetzt das modernste Netz. 482 more words

flowers in her hair

only if the sun could shine

everyday and how it makes

and then it marks the shore

and its own ocean

and where it took a moment… 51 more words


Day 18: Support

I will always be there for you.

When you need a hand, I’ll hold you up.

Don’t worry about what we can’t get through,

because for together we can do anything. 38 more words

Short Story