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the s&m pony

At least the pony is painted so just to get hanged on the wall when get in after that the hour to kill till another group critique . 205 more words

The light of secunda part#2-invasoion leads to anger anger leads to the death of others

I woke up after falling asleep at least an hour after I returned home from the meal at Lodahs cabin. I stood up and immediately equipped my fur gauntlets from the nightstand fitting myself in some imperial armor I received from a friend and walked downstairs. 271 more words


andBeyond Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge - Botswana Nestled in...

andBeyond Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge - Botswana Nestled in Botswana’s spectacular Okavango…


Pierwszy raz tęsknie za czymś tak bardzo. A najbardziej zajebiste było to, że mogłem sobie z nią mieszkać i miałem ją na co dzień. I patrze na te zdjęcia to aż mnie w sercu ściska. 41 more words


warmth eyes in sleep

cool water runs through

and how it soothes and it eases

nothing is speaking of a yesterday

and only in part of the day

that comes when the eyes meet… 43 more words