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How to Change Proxy Settings in Mozila Firefox

In this tutorial, we’ll teach you how to change proxy settings in Mozilla Firefox:- 107 more words

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SoCS - InConscious ?

This post is part of Linda G Hill’s “Stream of Consciousness Saturday”¬† Today’s prompt is “in-” ¬†Come join in, it’s super fun!

Inside, intensive. Internal. 32 more words


comfort in sleep

doing the mental business

and how it was the element

and how it was door that closed

and it was so easy

and how it was a theme… 51 more words


living in the winds

how the temperture

and its own using of the salvation

and those are the differences

and how it was a room

and it was a moment all so soon… 44 more words


hot night in november

wrong time right place

and how it took a motor

and it started before it even moved

and those are the movings

and how it was the catch… 46 more words


walk in lines

sat in the mind

and just waited

heard things

and wonder what is next

and how it spoke and the things

of its own reality… 49 more words


goofy in the picture

laughed at all the feelings

and how life and its own funny expressions

can bring the relax

and its own setting

and the where it turns… 47 more words