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Ina's Lemon Chicken with Croutons

I just spent a weekend in New Hampshire with my grandparents. They always spoil me rotten so I really wanted to treat them this time, even just a little bit. 982 more words


Mulled Wine

Friday night, I did a thing. I made mulled wine for the first time ever. I opened a bottle of Casilliero del Diablo 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon a few weeks ago. 259 more words


Ina Garten's Roast Pork and Vegetables: Rehabbed

Rehabbed Recipe posts are dedicated to the battle with tinnitus, aka ringing in the ears. Salicylate free ingredients make the difference! Recipes are gluten free, as well. 723 more words

Gluten Free


I was watching the Food Network yesterday, (surprise surprise) and Ina was on, as always. I have a deep love for Ina, or the Barefoot Contessa as she is otherwise known.   394 more words


Cookbooks with Kiki! It's another edition of #FridayReads with AW Staffers!

Today’s #FridayReads post comes from Kiki Schotanus, upstanding member of the Albert Whitman purchasing department!  Take it away Kiki:

Forced against my will to write a bit about books, I have chosen to write about the kinds of books I read the most – cookbooks! 511 more words


Thanksgiving Series: Homemade Apple and Sausage Bread Stuffing

Thanks for stopping by Playing Martha! The next installment in the Thanksgiving series is homemade Apple and Sausage Stuffing. This is a funny post for me because growing up I hated stuffing. 434 more words

A New Cookbook for the Collection

Last week, as a housewarming gift my sister-in-law gifted me Ina Garten’s latest, new and fabulous cookbook “Make it Ahead.”  Immediately I began flipping the pages admiring the photographs and Ina’s no-fuss recipes. 19 more words