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“Tweets From Glenn Robinson, Zombie” from the collection Daily Bites of Flesh 2011

Author’s note: This is a dumb little short-short which was written when “tweeting” was a brand-new and exotic activity back in 2010.

brains! #brains

foot fell off but keep on hopping rite??? 81 more words


"Tough Love" from the collection Inappropriate Behavior

You know how to tell if a cord’s been frayed? It takes a while to spot them like I can now, but with practice and a few bad shocks you’ll work up your observation skills to the point where a slit in the insulation, one stray copper strand poking out, is like a siren going off in your head. 1,773 more words


Simple Question

He just sprang the question on me and demanded an immediate answer. I was taken by surprise, yet managed to delay coming up with an answer, as I suspected that he… 395 more words

Predators And Prey

Missing in action, or "Bears of Winter" audiobook giveaway

(For the giveaway, skip all the way to the bottom. But why would you want to do that? Am I not witty and engaging? Yeah, don’t answer that.) 352 more words


Invitation For Dinner Trap

A social graces friend asks,

“Dear Addy, is it proper for a couple to invite you over for dinner, and once you’ve confirmed, they invite ten others for dinner on the same night, when we thought we were being invited for dinner for four? 397 more words

Declining Invitations