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Friday Photo: January 2015

Whew, what a month. Actually, it was a fairly quiet few weeks until I ended up with two trips back-to-back at the end of January. One trip was up to the mountaintop temple complex of Koyasan, which I’ll be blogging about in greater detail in the next week or two. 338 more words

Uncover Japan

Another few beginnings

So this is the video post for the week! It’s on the short side, but this week has been pretty work intensive… For those who don’t know, CIP is the community involvement project where KCJS students go out on their own and find a group of people to get to know in Japan. 31 more words


How I met Inari

“…you might have to be Pescetarian while you’re here.” says Ramirez. This was soon followed by Loc asking “Why you so ghey? We have to Man vs. 477 more words


Morning Rituals

This week I began the morning rituals which will become the standard of my personal practice. They are a bit of work, but how I have felt this week can not be accurately described. 557 more words

Gratitude for Life (Even in Death)

Over the weekend I celebrated my 30th birthday. This milestone has become a rather ambiguous one in Britain; although it symbolises reaching a certain level of maturity, and therefore status, many young people dread this birthday as it also represents the closure of youth and the approach of middle age and all those things that come with it – weight gain, failing health, lower energy levels and so on. 420 more words

Rituals & Festivals

Shrines and food, a continuing adventure

So we headed over to Fushimi Inari today. Simply gorgeous! Definitely one of the best views of Kyoto… But you have to hike for it! It has the senbon torii or thousand gates… Also tried takoyaki (pan fried octopus dough balls). Yum.


Funding for a Torii at Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America

Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America is one of the most important Shinto shrines in the world of international Shinto. It’s one of the few large Shinto shrines outside of Japan, and it was first one to be build in mainland US after the Second World War. 223 more words

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