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This post is just an update as to what I have been up to lately! I hope that my readers are also well and I pray that Amaterasu-Omikami is shining down on you, even if you are in the UK like me! 497 more words


Emerging autum colors


Lake Inari, Lapland, Finland. 08/2011.


Inari Sushi


Excuse the crude picture of the inari pockets on a plastic toddler plate but I got so excited when these were ready that it was the closest thing I had to hand and I couldn’t wait to try them. 543 more words



 If you’re a fan of heavy metal and/or J-Rock, you will have probably heard of BABYMETAL by now. Mixing heavy metal riffs with kawaii babydoll fashions and J-pop-style dance rhythms, they’ve taken the world by storm thanks to social media and are set to play at the O2 in London this September. 278 more words

Shinto / Japanese Religion

The foxes are BACK!

I posted a few days ago that I haven’t seen our local foxes around for a while, ever since the neighbours did some clearing out in their big garden. 126 more words

Shinto / Japanese Religion

The Fox - Kitsune

In ancient China, the white fox was an ill-omened creature for all the farmers. In Japan, the devotion of the fox took over the pre-existent devotion of the Snake, protector of rice fields, and this spirit gained divine connotation and benevolent characteristics. 369 more words

Magical Creatures

Looking for Signs Given by the Gods

Today I am going to talk about signs received by the Gods and how we can look out for them. This is written from my own personal experience and so please do not take my word as the gospel. 1,430 more words