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I’m Ajey. This is my blog/website. I was directed to solidify my Internet presence by a smart person, so here I am. Let’s see how long my attention span keeps this up. 118 more words



Few days a go, the new leaders of Indonesia had been inaugurated. Thousands, or even millions mobs swarmed in the main road of Jakarta, having a cornucopia of celebration. 418 more words


Hier a lieu l’inauguration tant attendue du Musée Picasso. J’ai eu la chance d’y être conviée et ai pu découvrir en toute quiétude ce lieu magnifique. 215 more words


Let's hope

Today is the Inauguration of Indonesia’s 7th President, Ir. Joko Widodo, who has been elected by the 50%ish Indonesian on last July. I yeah during the lunch-break by the encouraging of my office mates went to a place where the new-elected president came across and met all the Indonesian who have been supporting him to be the president, to head up to the President Palace, it’s around the Bundaran HI, Sudirman, I did see him, waving from the car, yeay. 94 more words


Home-Country Buzz: The New President

Congrats Mr Jokowi and Mr JK!!! (^_^) … On a serious note though, I don’t think it’s an overstatement if we say, that Joko Widodo “Jokowi” may be the world’s most modest national leader. 907 more words


Joko Widodo Sworn In as Indonesia's President and Faces These 5 Challenges

On Oct. 20, Indonesia inaugurates its first President truly of the people. Joko Widodo, known commonly as Jokowi, is unique in Indonesian presidential history because he comes from neither a politically elite nor a military background. 403 more words