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First Posts Really Suck

So I guess now is the time to get the inaugural post out of the way.

Much like the first ten seconds of a comedy routine, breaking the ice on a new blog is the hardest part. 171 more words


Lincoln Sworn in as 16th President

March 4, 1861/2011

Volume 2, Issue 9 (21 Issues Since 15 October 2010)

Lincoln Sworn in as 16th President

President-elect Lincoln had arrived in Washington clandestinely before dawn on February 23, escorted by a railroad detective named… 681 more words

Civil War Book Of Days: 1861

Coming Soon To An Election Near You: Monica Lewinsky!

First, here’s a little prediction from Benny the Jew (for those of you only recently out of diapers, that’s a tribute to “Jimmy the Greek… 597 more words


President McKinley Inauguration Footage

Movie #53 released in 1901 added to the Registry in 2000.

The Plot: No plot here since it’s live footage of an inauguration.

My Opinion: These were directed by the great Thomas Edison, which is pretty cool to think about and I think that fact made me enjoy watching both the snippets. 161 more words

National Film Registry

First Known Footage of an American President - McKinley in 1897

Filmed at the procession for McKinley’s inauguration in 1897. McKinley would be assassinated in 1901.


There's always time for a nice limonata

Now that it’s April, the memories of summers in Italy come pouring in and unless I do something about it, I’m going to sit here on the sofa for the rest of the afternoon in an Italian reverie ignoring the grey clouds of London outside. 133 more words

Selfies and The Craze of Self-Photography

A few weeks ago, General Colin L. Powell created an overnight Internet sensation by posting an image of himself, taken in the 1950s.  The image, capturing the young and dapper Powell in black-and-white, was a direct response to the “selfie” taken by Ellen DeGeneres at the 2014 Oscars.   508 more words

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