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Why Are You Paying What You Can Get For Free? - Paid, Earned, Owned Media

Let’s discuss these 3 very important buzz words: Paid Media, Earned Media, Owned Media. With online digital media becoming more and more popular it important not only to know the difference between these but also how to accomplish each of them. 448 more words


Paid Media in a Changing Digital Environment

Traditionally when we think of digital marketing, we can break it into three categories:

  1. Owned- The channel your brand owns and controls. These come in two flavors: fully owned, like a website, and partially owned, like a Facebook page.
  2. 766 more words

The Truth about Alignment in Sales & Marketing - Part II

Once everyone has an understanding of how and why the two teams need to work more closely together, and you’ve done the work identifying which products and/or services need what time of lead generation numbers, you’re ready to move on to the third stage – quality. 669 more words

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The Truth About Alignment in Sales & Marketing

Alignment of Sales and Marketing requires a mind-shift from “traditional” attitudes and behaviors.

Does any of this sound familiar?

“These leads are terrible. What is Marketing doing for Sales?” 428 more words

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The 5 Best Practices for Content Marketing in Health & Pharma

The pharmaceutical industry is known for being traditional, conservative, and burdened by regulations and protocols. These regulations make pharma marketers wary of embracing new approaches, including the growing trend toward content marketing.  919 more words

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Google+ Plays an Important Role in Marketing

Google+ was launched on June 28, 2011, as Google’s answer to social media. This was the company’s second attempt after the failure of Google Buzz.  Google+ was slow to gain popularity and many felt it would never fully pan out. 529 more words

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Google Plus: An Awesome Inbound Tool for People and Their Business

Google Plus has been steadily gaining user-ship as people and businesses begin to realize the added benefits that a Plus account will add to their online presence. 983 more words