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The Founders of Hubspot Remind Everyone of Their Genius

The second keynote of #Inbound14 was from Brain Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, the founders of Hubspot. They revealed all of Hubspot’s new features, and reminded us what it means to keep growing.  403 more words

Why Marketing Automation is becoming Mandatory

Marketing automation through platforms such as HubSpot or Greenrope have become very popular in today’s marketing world. As a traditional marketer, you had better make the adjustment to automation and managing inbound marketing campaigns or your survival rate will similar to that of the Compsognathus.   492 more words


Cloud Computing and Marketing:

As many news stories will report, cloud computing has completely revolutionized the way every industry operates, including how companies and brands market.

Check out this recent article from iMedia Connection on… 94 more words

Content Strategy Partnership with InspiriaMedia

JR Lisk is proud to have partnered with InspiriaMedia, a strategic media buying and growth marketing firm and recent Inc. 5000 recipient.  InspiriaMedia is an inbound marketing expert.  37 more words

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SMB and Social Business

It’s time to face the facts: gone are the days when businesses stood to turn a profit simply by existing. Online and social marketing have become essential components to running a successful business, and, for small businesses especially, a strong social presence is critical to connecting with customers and effectively creating awareness of your product or service. 351 more words

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The Showdown: Resume vs. LinkedIn Profile

“Is having a stellar resume a good enough substitute to having a LinkedIn profile?” I was asked this question on multiple occasions, but haven’t written an article on the topic yet. 618 more words

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Competing with LinkedIn Pulse

Like millions of other LinkedIn users, I was recently invited to publish on LinkedIn Pulse. The invitation went directly to my Marketing folder via an automatic inbox rule.  512 more words