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Traditional Marketing and Content Marketing: How They Differ and Why It Matters

Last week I happened to be in several very enjoyable conversations that at some point turned to content marketing. This is a favorite topic of mine. 724 more words


7 Ways to Create Marketing that People will Love

Marketing has evolved drastically in the last decade. Traditional marketing consisted of TV, Radio and newspaper advertisements, billboards, spreading flyers and brochures outside to passer-bys, sending e-mails to random lists of people, calling random people in their home phones to sell them services, among other types of outbound marketing. 1,208 more words


Youssef Hodaigui is an entrepreneur with over a decade of experience specializing in the development and marketing of new products. His passion is creating, managing and growing Internet companies using online marketing to maximize ROI. 61 more words

5 Strategies for Fine-Tuning Your SEO

I was working with a client yesterday afternoon, when I realized the overwhelming number of SEO strategies that are out there to improve your search rankings, generate leads, and improve conversions. 691 more words

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Content for the Tribe

This guest post is written by Jesan Sorrells. Jesan is the Principal Conflict Engagement Consultant at HSCT. His ideas on content marketing and advice have influenced several posts on this blog. 401 more words

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Black Hat SEO: 3 SEO Tricks to Avoid

White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO

Welcome back readers! The long-anticipated article about white hat and black hat SEO is finally here. To begin, what is the difference between white hat and black hat SEO? 793 more words

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Inbound Marketing and the Prospect Pipeline

Inbound marketing can help identify your best prospects

I’m reading a lot these days about the disconnect between marketing and sales. The story goes something like this: Marketing generates leads and hands them over to sales. 425 more words

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