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The Last Content Strategy Post You Need to Read

There are many excellent resources for content marketing: anything by Anne Hadley or C.C. Chapman (love Marketing Professionals); about everything put out by the… 251 more words

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How do you experience a blog or website?

The Hipper Element – UX Crash Course:  31 Fundamentalsauthored by Joel Marsh, is a blog I’ve been reading over the past months. His Daily UX Crash Course posts are insightful, educational and inspiring.   193 more words


A Converter Is Born


The act or process of changing from one form, state, etc., to another”

Merriam-Webster dictionary.

To become a Muslim one has to recite a verse, converting into Christianity usually involves a baptism, and don’t even try getting into Judaism unless you really, really, like Hanukkah. 951 more words

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What is Inbound Marketing?


I have previously covered content marketing and what it consists of, the next topic I’d like to cover is inbound marketing; there is a constant battle on the internet over content and inbound marketing being synonymous, I’d just like to weigh in with the way in which I find them to be different. 313 more words


#Yearontwitter Features Top Trends in 2014 on Twitter

2014 is coming to a close and it’s once again time to look back on the year and reflect. Lots of crazy stuff happened- some good, some bad. 446 more words

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Fiverr Revisited

About a year ago I published my first blog post on Solidgoldextra. In that post, I wrote about my then “new” Fiverr experience. I also mentioned my hopes as I got started on the platform. 1,306 more words


Anticipating a surge in social media usage during 2015

Firms are increasingly facing internal and external pressures to enhance their digital presence in social media platforms. Next year, businesses may need to focus on relationship-based interactions with their online customers. 837 more words