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A really simple solution

I would like to follow your blog. Oh, and I like your website too. You both have great content and I find your delivery interesting. 306 more words


How to be productive

Is the art of being productive mastering the to do list? Is it learning how to juggle all these tasks properly and multitask effectively? I would argue that it is none of those things, the art of productivity is focus, here are my tips to increase productivity by using your focus. 660 more words


9 Easy Ways to Organize Your Inbox

By Nicole Tinkham

We’ve posted plenty of blogs on how to get various parts of your life organized (craft room, office, files… 883 more words

Late night emails are the best. At least, now and then; and especially if it’s not too urgent. I’ve read some complain about waking up to a full inbox in the morning, but I prefer to deal with the urgent emails during the day, then respond to the less urgent at night to avoid giving away I’m… 19 more words


Use Split while replying to long mails

When you receive a long mail, you need to respond to it in detail. 712 more words