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Our "Gotcha" Story

I never intended to adopt a special needs dog.  In fact, when we stumbled upon Lucy we hadn’t even been talking about adding a dog to our family. 747 more words


¡¡¡¡uᴉɐɹq ou˙˙˙ɯoɯ 'ʞoo˥ (coffee line time!!!)

Yesterday, while in line for coffee someone asked me the following question:

“What’s with the jews? I thought they were Gods people?”

Yeah….because I know the answer to that-why, exactly? 189 more words


For Our Kids Some Sad News

One of the quirky parts of our hospital grounds are the llamas we use as lawn mowers.  This little herd has grown, and our kids have learned a lot watching how the herd grows.   256 more words


Bear with us

Pyros, the European Brown Bear, is recorded as having fathered most of the paltry 30 individuals wandering the mountains between France and Spain. For 20 years, he has dominated the small band, being the father, grandfather and great-grandfather of the cubs. 828 more words

Brown Bears

50 Tweets From #RedneckASong That Aren't, Like, Racist Or Classist Whatsoever

For all the hollow yip-yap you hear from chicken-chested urban white progressives about how we’re all human and how stereotyping is wrong and how poverty is the result of injustice and how the ultimate evil that any human group can commit is to demonize and dehumanize the cultural “other,” you never hear them shut the fuck up about how stupid and subhuman and detestable poor rural white Americans are. 1,109 more words

They Breed Poodles, Don't They?

The scary thing is, and the tragic thing is, after all these years of supposed progress and evolution and forward movement, you can still look at some people and realize, “Oh, they can’t help it; inbreeding.”

Lost In Kentucky

Bessel's correction and the dangers of MOOCs

The Habsburg rulership of Spain ended with an inbreeding coefficient of F=0.254. The last king, Charles II (1661-1700), suffered an unenviable life. He was unable to chew. 1,779 more words