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Konservasi dan Ekologi Molekuler

Hanya sekedar ingin sharing. Bukan bermaksud lebih tahu masalah konservasi. Bukan. Bukan maksud menggurui. Tidak ada niat sama sekali. Kami hanya ingin membagi cerita ini yang menurut kami hal ini menarik untuk dibahas. 479 more words


Tutankhamun Had a Clubfoot and His Parents Were Probably Siblings

Tutankhamun was afflicted with severe genetic disorders, most likely because of inbreeding, according to an upcoming documentary on the legendary pharaoh.

The Egyptian king, who ruled from 1332 B.C. 190 more words

Are black people less racist than non-black people?

One thing I always found interesting about scholar J.P. Rushton’s theory of ethnic differences is that he claimed black people were the oldest form of humanity, having branched off the human family tree some 200,000 years ago, and that “mongoloids” were the youngest ethnic group, having branched off fairly recently. 680 more words

It's ALL Related

The cares of this life have prevented me from adding any posts to this site, as of late, but, I’ll take a stab at something, today. 724 more words

Not endangered, White Tigers in danger

Imagine being a tiny tiger cub born into captivity. Your fur is orange which doesn’t meet the money-making image for tigers in captivity compared to a White Tiger. 284 more words


White Tigers—Albino?

As I was trying to think of the name for the ghost cat–the snow leopard–I Google searched white tigers. I learned that the white tiger is a subspecies of the Bengal tiger. 138 more words

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