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Prince Charming

There comes a time in most little girls’ lives when they go through a princess phase. They fantasize about being princesses, dress up as princesses for Halloween and watch the videos from the execrable… 1,743 more words


The Crazy Things That Happen in the Petco Parking Lot

It was March. We made it a habit to take Lucy to various places in town to socialize her. This included the local Petco store where we bought our cat food and Princess’s wet food.   455 more words


Getting to Know You

Within just a couple of days Lucy started to try to play with Princess.  Princess wasn’t so sure she wanted to be buddies yet, but Lucy tried. 488 more words


Our "Gotcha" Story

I never intended to adopt a special needs dog.  In fact, when we stumbled upon Lucy we hadn’t even been talking about adding a dog to our family. 747 more words


¡¡¡¡uᴉɐɹq ou˙˙˙ɯoɯ 'ʞoo˥ (coffee line time!!!)

Yesterday, while in line for coffee someone asked me the following question:

“What’s with the jews? I thought they were Gods people?”

Yeah….because I know the answer to that-why, exactly? 189 more words


For Our Kids Some Sad News

One of the quirky parts of our hospital grounds are the llamas we use as lawn mowers.  This little herd has grown, and our kids have learned a lot watching how the herd grows.   256 more words


Bear with us

Pyros, the European Brown Bear, is recorded as having fathered most of the paltry 30 individuals wandering the mountains between France and Spain. For 20 years, he has dominated the small band, being the father, grandfather and great-grandfather of the cubs. 828 more words

Brown Bears