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Copacabana and the Isla Del Sol

The Isla del Sol (The Sun Island) was not on my original itinerary. I’d briefly researched the island and Cocacabana and decided against it. It was Eve who changed my mind, an English woman living in Bolivia I met on a bus in Santa Cruz. 1,645 more words


The Ingapirca Ruins of Ecuador

Are you celebrating Easter tomorrow? Thinking about one of Christianity’s significant annual events reminds me of other religious rituals through the ages. A prevalent religious theme is the worship of the Sun and the events associated with the sun’s solstices and equinoxes. 324 more words

Quinoa...a true superfood...

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Quinoa is frequently thought of as a grain, but is in fact, a seed.  From the folks at Wikipedia:

“Quinoa (/ 530 more words

LlaMachu Picchu

As arguably the biggest tourist magnet in South America, and one of the most prolific bucket-list members the world over, Machu Picchu (or Machupicchu) hardly needs much of an introduction. 981 more words

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When in Mendoza, drink wine

…and plenty of it

In the city, there’s not a tonne else to do! Oh except eat great food too, which we also did a lot of! 348 more words


Si, the Crescent Moon Goddess

I was recently in Canberra with my mother, viewing the ‘Gold and the Incas’ exhibition at the National Gallery. On the evening of the second day, I reached out and spoke to spirit because I was feeling intensely moved by the plight of cows. 1,269 more words