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Si señora, se llama una llama

I arrived here only a week and a half ago, so I can tell you in my expert opinion that Peruvians really cherish their llamas. I mean alpacas. 482 more words

Day 10 in Peru, Part 2 -- Exploring the Inca Empire

Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit. – Frank Borman, NASA Astronaut and Commander of Apollo 8

After four days of hiking on the Inca Trail it’s time to explore Machu Picchu!   1,137 more words


Cusco Rocks! (See what I did there?)

After Arequipa, we hopped on an overnight bus to Cusco. Cusco was the capital of the former Incan empire, and is thus the jumping off point for visits to some incredible piles of stones, most famously Machu Picchu. 1,301 more words



As her name suggests, vocalist Inca is partly Peruvian in origin.  Apart from that, and the fact that she’ll be releasing an EP at some point this year, that’s pretty much all we have on her.   61 more words

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Inca Memories

As the title suggests, the weather in Glasgow at the moment has lead me to reminisce about my summer trip to Peru even more than normal, so today’s photo is another shot from the Inca trail. 89 more words